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Punisher #2Punisher #2
Marvel Comics
Edmondson & Gerads

This issue of the Punisher introduces the larger plot and it turns out to have multiple threads to it. The comic has plenty of action and some nice character moments, but the best part of the book is in the layered plot that is rolled out. The book is a visual treat on the eyes as it has equal parts of beauty and grit. I am totally onboard with where this series is going. I definitely recommend checking this out.

This issue spins quite a few plates and all of them are interesting. Castle is on the case for some drug pushers. However, he finds they are also dealing in arms and potentially terroristic scaled ones. Castle digs deeper and finds there is a lot more going on than he originally believed. This leads to an excellent cliffhanger.

While the plot is being unveiled we also get more of the supporting cast. Castle has a cop friend, an army confidant and a local coffee shop buddy that all seem to get some deeper looks in this issue. There are also more villains to deal with as a secondary group is trailing Castle looking to trip him up while he's on the trail of the drug dealers. He even picks up a stray coyote in the comic.

The comic has a good pace to it. There is plenty of action and the down moments definitely add more pieces to either the characters or the plot. The cast is now getting a strong voice for most of the characters which is another good thing. The book is constructed in a perfect manner.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is another highlight of the book. The comic mixes action sequences with quiet moments and the art helps make each scene something that stands out. There are some fluid panels during various gun fights and chase scenes that really tell a fantastic visual story. The comic presents a good pattern of shading, specifically the backgrounds, that helps to set a good tone throughout the book.

I was lukewarm about the first issue, but this issue pushes the book into overdrive. We learn more about the overall plot, we see more clearly why being in Los Angeles is different than New York and we get a great cliffhanger. This is definitely a book worth picking up.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles