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Thor: God of Thunder #20Thor: God of Thunder #20
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Ribic & Svorcina

Jason Aaron certainly doesn't shy away from the dramatics. The cover says it all. Old-man Thor squares off against Galactus. The comic book is more than just that but that is one of the tracks in this book and it's only the second issue of the arc. I definitely recommend checking this issue out. It's Aaron at the top of his game.

Old-man Thor is hanging out on the wasteland of Earth in the distant future with his three granddaughters when Galactus shows up. Thor, without his arm or his hammer, sends away his granddaughters to have words with Galactus. These scenes are fantastic but they only get better as Thor turns grumpy quickly.

The main plot has Thor in the present dealing with the pest that runs Roxxon, Dario Agger. Thor's new friend is the environmental agent, Roz Solomon. Thor and Roz begin a hit and run campaign against Roxxon. This is all well and good until Dario decides to take matters into his own hands.

While Dario dishes out some punishment towards his employees for their failures, he unveils his secret weapons and a surprise he's kept hidden. This is Aaron at his best when he pulls out the strangest things he can think of and makes them a plot device. The next issue looks to be a blast.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsRibic brings together a lot of different types of scenes to make for a visual delight. Where else are you going to find Thor battling Galactus, bears eating scientists and Thor drinking coffee in the same book? The book has a very dark tone to it that I'm not sure matches the story completely but the style is one that Ribic excels at so why tinker with it.

Thor is a fantastic read. It's been the steadiest reads all along and it seems to only be getting better. This issue brings together two, seemingly, unrelated plots. It looks to be a classic arc in the making. I wonder what Jack Kirby would say if he read this one.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles