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Trinity Of Sin Pandora #1Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1
DC Comics
Fawkes, Sampere, Zircher & Cifuentes

The prelude to the upcoming Justice League crossover basically lays the groundwork for what seems like the primary villain: Pandora. Coming into a crossover completely cold is never easy and that is basically what I'm doing here so this is probably as fair of a review as I can give. However, if you've followed all of the Justice League titles thus far you may find this review to be very naïve. Overall, the book felt like a story I've read a hundred times. It's not a bad comic at all, it's just nothing too interesting or groundbreaking, which makes it largely forgettable.

The book covers centuries upon centuries, which has a two pronged effective with mixed results. On the one hand it helps to move the book from point A to point B in quick succession, which is rare these days. On the other hand the book is simply one page (or panel) of pictures of time with a caption boxes. I simply didn't need ten pages of this.

The lead character finds some object that apparently curses her. After everyone she knows is slaughtered as a result she is doomed to walk the Earth forever with this curse. After a couple of millennium she receives some help to rid her of the curse. To set the curse reversal into motion she requires someone very strong, even invincible, to achieve it. Crossover is officially kicked off.

The book simply isn't essential. We learn a little bit about the character and her hardships, but basically she is righteous in her quest and that will put her at odds with the Justice League. We've seen this many times before with many villains.

What the comic doesn't do is level set her powers or limits. Why should this character present any threat to anyone? I'm not sure. Dropping a character into a comic and framing them as the main threat isn't the same as establishing what they can do and why they are powerful. This was the failing point in Blackest Night: we were just told the villain was incredibly powerful and never understood

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe art is okay but far from great. There is a host of artists in the book and it is surprisingly consistent. The historical scenes aren't terribly detailed but they all have a similar feel to them. The art is fine but it does look rushed and not very well planned out.

Who knows how relevant this comic might become once the crossover kicks off. It could end up being the cornerstone of the whole thing if there are hidden gems in it. However, on the surface it seems like a decent little story to present a character's background. It's fine. Nothing more than that.

2.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles