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Uncanny Avengers #8 AUUncanny Avengers #8 AU
Marvel Comics
Remender, Duggan, Kubert & Martin

What do you get when you mix a terrible mini-series event with a mediocre team book? You get a comic book that far exceeds either of its parents in what turns out to be a fantastic read. This comic book takes the Apocalypse twins and drops them into the new alternate reality and has them spend some time with a couple of key characters. Amazingly, this one issue summarizes what Remender is trying to do in his run and it adds oceans of depth to the Age of Ultron mess. I'm blown away at how good this comic book reads.

The aspect of the book that works the best is that of Kang tutoring the Apocalypse twins. The dialogue is fantastic as Kang keeps the pair in line with quick wit and fast lessons. The twins are novices at the whole villain thing and it shows but they seem to understand what's at stake and are willing to learn the craft of war. It's a very good showcase for the trio and a great glimpse into what the overall Uncanny Avengers book is all about. I'm glad that this interaction came as a part of the main series and not some spin off book because these developments seem vital.

The comic book also expands some of the characters in the alternate timelines, specifically Colonel America. These character developments are a breath of fresh air because the Age of Ultron mini-series just sort of drops these characters out there with little progress. Reading Age of Ultron I just sort of assumed they will all be wiped off the board soon so I don't really feel invested. However, reading this issue I find myself wanting more of some of these characters. This is extremely well done.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is very good. I found some of the scenes to lack some details, especially with the characters hanging around in the shadows. I was looking to learn as much as I could about the new reality and this book provides a lot but could have done more visually. I loved the final three pages as Kang walks the twins through his trophy room while giving them their next assignment. Overall this is a good artistic comic.

I'm not sure how readers of one series but not the other will find this book. I happen to be reading both and I think the book is an excellent bridge to the two series. The comic book really adds a lot to both series and it does so in a complete one-shot style story. This is worth checking out for sure. Though be aware that if you aren't reading both series you might struggle slightly the overall plot. Either way you'll be entertained.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles