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Uncanny Avengers #1Uncanny Avengers #1
Marvel Comics
Remender and Cassaday

There comes a time whenever one of my favorite creators takes on an entirely new series that I find myself thinking, "What if it stinks?" and I can't help but wonder how long I can possibly stick with it if the book is a total miss. There is nothing better than reading that first issue and realizing that the creator is going to bring the same concepts and ideas that I love about the creator to whatever book they work on. This is how I felt reading Remender's Uncanny Avengers. The whole concept of a team of X-Men and Avengers working together seemed like it could be really cheesy and read like just another Avengers book. However, this book thrives on the character work that Remender is known for and it makes the book worth the hype.

The book begins with the gore or the "odd" factor that I look for in a Rick Remender book. The first page is a brain being removed from the skull of someone with their eyelids pried open. It's a nice way to start out the book. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only bizarre aspect of the book, but I will look forward to more down the line.

The book moves to a slower pace from there as Wolverine delivers a really chilling eulogy for Xavier. I have to admit I was a little perplexed as to why Wolverine led the effort, but it is possible that others spoke and only Wolverine's was captured in this title.

The rest of the book sets up the series. Cyclops and his brother, Havok, exchange words and that sort of helps to establish Havok for the rest of the book. Havok is then recruited for this new team and it appears he is being positioned as the leader. I have to admit I felt this was an odd choice for many reasons, but I am willing to take a plunge with Remender's idea here. After the team is basically pieced together, Remender reveals the villain in horrifying fashion at the book's conclusion.

Remender knows how to juggle a cast. He makes sure that character conversations hold a meaning and that the characters have unique voices. The strength of this book is the foundation that gets built, but it does come at the expense of a fast-paced comic. It all depends on what draws you into a series. If you need a loud or fun start to a series then this issue will probably miss with you. But if you like some universe building and find character development to be the primary hook then you have something here.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsCassaday's art is very good but I didn't find the art to be among the best from him. I found the line work to be very light and that to take away from the details I normally expect from a Cassaday book. It's not to say there is anything bad in here, but I was expecting a little bit more of a "wow" factor I suppose. Still, I was shocked by the opening and the ending, which is exactly what sticks in my mind (pun intended).

Uncanny Avengers seems like it is going to be a sprawling epic on the par with Fear Agent or Uncanny X-Force. You would be simply crazy to miss the opening issue to this book. You might find the story to be a little slow or light on the action, but based on past history this issue will only look average until the subsequent issues piece together the bigger, more layered story. I recommend this book to anyone who likes epics. Get yourself ready.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles