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Uncanny Avengers #8Uncanny Avengers #8
Marvel Comics
Remender & Acuna

Remender writes epics. Long, sprawling tales that break down characters and throw layer upon layer of difficult problems at them that cover roughly the same theme. He's building that in Uncanny Avengers. However, as sound and as deep as the plot is, he's not delivering the character focus that we've seen in Uncanny X-Force. At least not yet. Instead in the series we seem to have random pairings of characters that don't have the room to grow a lasting relationship for readers to understand where they are coming from. It's a tough balance, but as a result each of his issues (except the Thor centric one) has been an average read.

Remender staples include time travel and heavy science fiction. This comic book delivers those ideas tenfold. We've got the Apocalypse twins plucked from the future to create havoc in the present. However, you have Kang overseeing the entire scheme that includes traveling back in time for specific items, such as Thor's ax. This is unique in that the reader is already clued in to (what seems like) the entire plot and endgame while the heroes are still playing catch up.

The companion to this plot that is excellent is the inclusion of Thor. He understands where he screwed up and sees exactly how his choices have created so many problems. This is very similar to the X-Force plot where they kill the child Apocalypse. If future issues keep the focus on this then the Thor character growth is going to be outstanding.

The aspect of the book that drags is the character work. Even where Thor is concerned you have the inclusion of Sunfire. Without really building anything in the issue the dialogue between the two feels as if the dialogue boxes could come from any other character. Dialect aside, I find a lot the character's interactions to be very generic and I can't get a handle on any points-of-view they all must have. Each time the characters have more than light dialogue it takes me right out of the story.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is very good. Acuna's art seems to be much more detailed than in previous works I've sampled. He's got some great panels depicting Thor and the Apocalypse twins. I enjoy Acuna's pencils with the brighter color palette that is presented here. This book certainly feels alive.

Uncanny Avengers has a tremendous long story. Each issue inches things forward. Sure it's tough to simply jump on but many of the best books are that way. The cast is large and perhaps that is the issue with the character depictions. Perhaps the obscure characters involved are dragging the lot down. Whatever the reason the book just doesn't have the same emotional entanglements that Uncanny X-Force had. It's not fair to compare the books but it is also impossible not to.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles