Welcome back to Gem Finds at Comic Connects July Mega Auction! Comic Connect does a handful of Event Auctions through the year which feature some truly impressive pieces from the collector's universe. In the past, we've seen video game prototypes, rare Golden Age finds, and much more. Let's take a dive and see what treasures we find this time!

Super Mario Bros #4

In the 1990s Valiant jumped head first into the video game world with their line of Super Mario comics. The comics were lighthearted and perfect for readers of all ages and built up the fictional worlds and iconic characters from the Nintendo game. Over 30 years later, collectors are now keeping their eyes peeled for comics from this series' limited run. While issue #1 does command a good bit of money, issue #4 also commands impressive dollar amounts. The lowest graded copy we have in our price guide is a CGC blue label with a fair market value of $75, while the highest graded copy sits at a cool 9.8 with a fair market value of $400.

While there is no grade for this raw copy, Comic Connect does note that this book has white pages. Judging by the pictures this is a clean, possibly higher grade book. If you're looking to add the Mario comics to your collection, I would keep an eye on this book!

Voltron #1

Voltron had a chokehold on me as a child. The Giant Robot series was a mashup of a handful of anime -- much like the series Robotech. Yet to a young American kid, I had no idea, and just really liked the colorful cast of characters. Voltron itself was very popular during its run, although currently, a live-action adaptation has been sitting in developmental hell. Vintage toys from the original run are sought-after collector's pieces. In 1984 Modern (Charlton Comics) released a three-issue mini-series. Written by Henry Vogul, the series has laid low on the collector's radar for some time, making it an affordable comic for fans to buy.

This ungraded copy is a newsstand edition, making it a unique niche book. To date, CGC has graded 1,595 copies of this book, with grades ranging from 3.0 to 9.8. While I'm not sure what to grade this book at, you could walk away with an inexpensive first issue for a popular mash-up American anime series!

Elektra: Assassin #1 CGC 9.8

After Elektra's introduction in Daredevil #168 it only made sense that the character would get her own series. By the time Elektra: Assassin #1 was released, the character had died, been resurrected, and was even working with S.H.I.E.L.D at one point. Released under the Epic Comics imprint in 1986, the 9-issue mini-series, written by Frank Miller and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz, was a hit. It was even nominated for an Eisner in 1988. In my opinion, this is one of the defining pieces of work for both Miller and Sienkiewicz and can still be enjoyed to this day.

This cover is striking and beautiful, with Elektra front and center. I enjoy how it ties in a beautiful comic book heroine with an over the top weapon -- something that oddly defines comic books in an almost perfect way. This CGC blue label 9.8 has a current fair market value of $85, making it an affordable piece for your collection.