Welcome back to this week's Weekly Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly comic book and video game auction to see which items should be on your radar!

The Yellow Kid Copper Printing Blocks Group (1910)

I absolutely love it when I see anything Yellow Kid come up for auction. These antique printing blocks are a very crucial part of comic book and printing history, as without tools like these, our favorite characters may not have been printed. As a Yellow Kid collector myself I have a handful of printing blocks in my own collection -- these occasionally do appear for sale from time to time. What surprises me more is that they don't exactly command a ton of money in auctions either. I don't recall how much mine were (as I got them in the early 2010s) but being able to hold, smell, and see how this character was printed is an absolute thrill.

This lot contains 7 wood and copper printing blocks with different advertisements. The Yellow Kid was one of the more marketed characters in his time period, yet has faded into somewhat obscure status. Heritage notes these as being in Fine condition with wear. You could probably print some new ones for yourself with this collection!

Group Lot 46 Unlicensed Games for Nintendo & Nintendo Game Boy

If I can just be completely honest, this is the most exciting thing I've seen in an auction in months. I personally collect bootleg and knockoff toys, and this group lot of bootleg and unlicensed games is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life. Do these games work? Who knows. Are they similar to Action 52 and have several knockoff games and duplicates? I'm willing to bet $1 that many of these games fit that bill. This collection features labels such as Robocop 2, Back to the Future III, Jaws meets The Dirty Pair and Mario, as well as The Pokemon Rangers of Madagascar, to name a few.

This lot is incredible. I can't imagine it being worth more than $20 (and that's being generous) but we could be surprised. Heritage notes these are being sold as is and are untested, so if you're into a good mystery and have a spare console or two to test these gems on, this lot is for you.

All Top Comics #10 Ungraded

If you're a fan of Golden Age, good girl art, bondage art, and jungle girls, this comic is for you -- because the cover alone is a standout piece. Drawn by Jack Kaman the cover features Rulah, who is on her way to rescue a damsel in distress. The interior of the book features stories with Phantom Lady, Jo-Jo, and Blue Beetle. Some of the interior art was also done by legendary artist Matt Baker, one of the best artists of his generation. This cover is bright and sharp, despite some noticeable flaws in the comic.

Heritage notes this book as being in Good / Very Good condition, with wear and a water stain down the spine. A similar copy sold on Heritage in March of 2021 for $444, but due to the water stain I don't expect this book to hit $400. This is a great piece for collectors with long term appeal. If you're starting a new Golden Age or Good Girl Art collection, this is a book I would not overlook!