Welcome back to this week's Weekly Comic Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly Sunday through Tuesday comic book auction to see which items should be on your radar!

Lovers' Lane #5 1950

Lovers' Lane was a late Golden Age series that focused on all things romance and love. From budding crushes to long-lost loves, Lovers' Lane had it all. The stories were written with more mature readers in mind, though given the time frame the stories weren't likely scandalous. A good portion of the covers also feature beautiful painted covers, such as issue #5. This specific issue also features advice from Marilyn Monroe - yes, that one - on how a girl should act when going steady!

Heritage notes this example as being in Fine + condition. Only two copies of this book have ever been graded. One at a 9.6, and another at a 6.0. The last sale for the 6.0 was in April 2023 for $240. I'm eager to see where this book ends as raw copies don't come available too often.

World War III #1 1953

Just a handful of years after World War II ended, many comic books shifted their focus to the horrors of atomic bombs. Books such as Atomic War!, Atomic Attack!, and Atomic-Age Combat were put on newsstands next to the likes of Batman and Archie Comics. World War III opens up with what could potentially have happened had atomic bombs been dropped across the United States. While the images aren't gruesome, the writing does offer a distinct sense of urgency and fear.

This example is noted as being in Good condition. This book is also listed as scarce in the Overstreet, so this is a unique opportunity to pick this book up! This would make a great reader copy for any late Golden Age collection.

Batman: Official Motion Picture Adaptation CGC 9.8

At a very young age, possibly too young, my dad took me to see Batman in theaters. At the time I was a fan of the Adam West series. The bright colors and characters were engaging, but Tim Burton's take had none of that. My mom was concerned that I would not react well to this darker take of The Dark Knight, but as soon as Batman appeared on screen, I was hooked. Michael Keaton became my Batman in an instant, and he still is to this day.

The comic adaptation retells the story of the 1989 release, and while it is a common book to find, this CGC blue label 9.8 with white pages is pretty cool. This is also the prestige edition, which does feature a different cover than the regular edition. The current Fair Market Value for examples in this grade is $110, making it an affordable piece for Batman fans.

Archie Comics Group of 9 Golden Age

To many comic collectors, non key MLJ / Archie comics may not seem worth collecting. And while I am clearly biased to Archie, I can say these early teenage humor comics offer a unique look into what life might have been like for an American teenager at this time. Archie's stable of artists - including creator Bob Montana - made sure Betty and Veronica were wearing the latest trends, and every one of the Archie gang spoke in period-accurate slang. These books are also filled with some underrated art, especially when it comes to Betty and Veronica.

This lot of 9 includes Archie Comics #32, 42, 44, 45, 57, Archie's Pal Jughead #6 - 8, and Archie's Rival Reggie #10. They range in condition from Poor to Fair, but would make terrific reading copies, so long as they are handled with care!