Welcome back to this week's Weekly Comic Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly Sunday through Tuesday comic book auction to see which items should be on your radar!

Li'l Abner - Paramount, 1959

Based on the comic strip by Al Capp, Paramount's Li'l Abner movie is the film version of the 1956 Broadway show. Both the Broadway show and the film version were very popular and successful for their time, and even more impressive was that a majority of the Broadway cast reprised their roles for the movie. While Li'l Abner may not be as popular as he once was, the cartoon - and subsequent live-action features - are still enjoyable.

This unrestored poster is folded but noted as still being in Very Fine+ condition. Similar posters in the past have sold for less than $100, making this an affordable poster for fans and collectors.

Startling Terror Tales #13 Poor Condition

The cover for Startling Terror Tales #13 is very eye-catching. From the green monster to the red and blue background, this cover just works. L. B. Cole is a mastermind of underrated horror covers. We can't however ignore the elephant in the room -- the books grade. While it is in poor condition, the colors still pop, and if I can be honest, it adds to the charm of the book. Poor-condition books can still be fun to collect. Typically they are a fraction of what a higher-grade book would be, and if you're daring enough, you could read it.

Chances are this book will go for below $100. This is a cool, well-loved book with a terrific cover. If you like late Golden Age horror, this is a great book to add to your collection.

Superman #23 CGC 5.5

When it comes to superhero comics during World War II, many of us likely think of two specific superheroes: Captain America and Superman. Superman, DC's breakout hero and pop culture icon, can do it all. Leap over all buildings in a single bound, fly, utilizes heat vision, and he is strong as heck. In this classic Nazi U-boat cover, we have an intense Superman swimming to a Nazi U-boat to dole out some justice. Yet this cover by Jack Burnley is so surprisingly funny, thanks in part to Superman's face, and well - he's swimming. Nothing will get between him and his enemies.

This CGC blue label 5.5 features off-white to white pages and bold, crisp colors on the cover. The last sale for a similar book was in March of 2021 for $2,400. I don't expect this book to go much beyond that price point.

Batman #115 Very Good Condition

In post-war America, comics took a turn for the weird. Seduction of the Innocent painted the medium in a horrific light, the Comics Code Authority was just around the corner, and many of the former Golden Age patriotic superheroes went defunct. DC found ways to use their big heroes in new ways, with Batman having some of the best and weirdest covers and stories. Batman #115 features three stories;

The Million Dollar Clues - a standard detective story.

Batman For Hire - Batman announced he's opening the Batman Private Detective Agency so he can raise college funds for Robin, and his retirement fund. Never mind that Bruce Wayne is rich beyond reason.

Batman in the Bottle - Batman and Robin travel back in time to the prehistoric era, and hijinx ensue.

Heritage notes this book as being in Very Good condition. This is a great book with three progressively wacky stories.

Batman #115 (DC, 1958) Condition: VG. Sheldon Moldoff cover and art. Overstreet 2023 VG 4.0 value = $142.

Superman #23 (DC, 1943) CGC FN- 5.5 Off-white to white pages. Classic World War II Nazi u-boat cover by Jack Burnley. Story art by Joe Shuster and John Sikela. Overstreet 2023 FN 6.0 value = $1,269. CGC census 3/24: 12 in 5.5, 78 higher.

CGC Grader Notes:
foxing spine
stain right top of front cover
tear with crease top of front cover