Welcome back to this week's Weekly Video Game Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly video game auction to see which items should be on your radar!

Signed Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! WATA 7.5

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is one of the more recognized games from the Nintendo Entertainment System. Released in 1987, the game would go on to be considered one of the best games for the console. The series would continue on as Punch-Out!!, but kept the spirit of the original game alive. Over 2 million copies of Punch-Out!! were sold by 1987, and the game remains relevant to this day.

This WATA-graded 7.5 is for the cartridge only -- but unlike other loose carts, this one was signed by Mike Tyson himself. Heritage has sold graded carts of this game in the past. In September 2022 a WATA-graded 6.5 sold for $264. In October 2023, a signed WAYA-graded 6.5 also sold for $264. An unsigned WATA-graded 9.0 sold for $288 in September 2022. I'm not sure where the auction will end on this game -- after all, interest in Mike Tyson has gone up thanks to an upcoming match against Jake Paul. If you're watching this auction to see what things end at, keep an eye on this game.

Lot of 3 CGC Graded Video Game Magazines

Before we could Google how to get past certain levels in video games, we relied on magazines or toll-free numbers to help us. This lot of three video game magazines includes Pocket Power: The Wizard - CGC blue label 8.5, How to Win at Super Mario Bros - CGC blue label 7.5, and Zelda: Tips & Tactics - CGC blue label 8.0. If you're into collecting video game history, this could very well be a part of that collection. New physical media such as these books are few and far between now, as all of us (or a good majority of us), rely on the internet. I'm particularly fond of the Mario cover, as that was the box art for the Famicom version of Super Mario Bros. For whatever reason, Nintendo USA decided to not go with this brilliantly fun cover for the game.

Group Lot 15 Unlicensed Brazilian Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom Games Ungraded

Heritage seems to be on a roll with unlicensed games. Group lots of them have been showing up with more frequency, and it's always a thrill to see them. Do they work? Who knows. Will there be several games on one cartridge? I'm willing to bet $1 that yes, there will be. Will they break your console? Who knows! That's where the real fun begins!

This lot includes such riveting bootlegs and legally questionable games such as Adventure Island, Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, Pinball, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Jr., and more. Some of these carts all have the same sticker, which really drives home how great these are. Heritage notes these all have wear - some worse than others - and not a single one was tested. I know it's silly for me to love stuff like this, but it's such a unique part of the collectibles puzzle.