Welcome back to this week's Weekly Video Game Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly video game auction to see which items should be on your radar!

Misc Nintendo Lot Including Rental Display Cards

What drew me into this lot was the two rental display cards. These cards would be on the shelf of your local Blockbuster or another home video rental place and serve as a way to entice kids (and adults) to rent games instead of movies. This trick worked on me several times. The two display cards in this lot are for Solomon's Key and Mighty Final Fight. Both appear to be in overall good condition and can still be displayed in your collection.

Also included in this lot is a Wayne's World VidPro card and an instruction manual for the Gameboy. The VidPro card was primarily used in Toys R Us to show what was available. If you're a fan of dead retail and unique pieces from gaming history, don't sleep on this lot.

Lot of 5 Video Game Promo Paper Bag Lot

Here's something I don't see pop up in every auction! This lot of five unused promotional paper bags comes in five designs - one for F-Zero X, Pocket Monster Stadium, Rockman 5, and Breath of Fire. You get two bags per title, and Heritage notes them as being in excellent condition. These are Japanese-only releases, given out by retailers. These are fairly straightforward. We have seen similar items here from game stores and fast food restaurants. But to own some that are unused and from Japan is harder to come by. This is for a very specific collector, but if this kind of item is even a passing interest, keep an eye on this lot.

Group of Folded Flat Boxes Misc Lot

Much like the item above, this is another very specific item for a very specific collector (or a reseller). This lot includes flat boxes and 38 inserts. This lot is perfect for someone piecing together items that need boxes, or inserts for a blank case. The more notable pieces in this lot are the Nintendo Power Glove box, and the Nintendo DS and 3DS game boxes. Empty Power Glove Boxes have fetched between $20 - $30 on eBay, while other boxes tend to sell for under $20.

Seldom do I see a lot like this pop up on Heritage, so if this kind of thing intrigues you, keep an eye on this. I don't anticipate it going for crazy money, but you never know. Heritage notes that the average condition for everything is Fine, with varying degrees of wear.

Lot of 3 Color Dreams Unlicensed Nintendo Entertainment System Games

If you're a fan of bootleg video games, you've likely heard the name Color Dreams. The company produced 18 games under the Color Dreams name, but collectively the company released around 31 games under the Bunch Games and Wisdom Tree names. The company would stop producing games by the mid-1990s. As a result, these games have become highly collectible in their own right, with complete games selling for up to $800. Cartridges are more forgiving with prices trending around $15.

This lot of 3 includes Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise, King Neptune's Adventure, and P'radikus Conflict. These games are being sold as-is and untested, with some wear to the cartridges. Heritage notes that overall these carts are in very nice condition.