Welcome back to this week's Weekly Video Game Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly video game auction to see which items should be on your radar!

Nintendo Power #1 CGC 5.0

When it comes to video game magazines, Nintendo Power ranks among the best. Making its debut in summer of 1988, the series would run until December 2012. The magazine was one of the longest running video game magazines in North America, totaling at 285 issues on its physical completion. The magazine offered game strategies, reviews, and previews of what was to come. In 2017 Nintendo resurrected the Nintendo Power brand in the form of a podcast. Hosted by former Nintendo Power Editor-In-Chief Christ Slate, the podcast was unfortunately ended after 57 episodes.

This CGC blue label 5.0 features white pages, and displayed well. CGC notes the following;

"Full Top Back Cover Multiple Crease Breaks Color
Left Bottom Front Cover Medium Crease
Right Bottom Front Cover Multiple Crease Breaks Color
Top Front Cover Multiple Crease Breaks Color
Top Spine Spine Split"

Prices for magazines in this grade have held at around $350 since July 2023. The 90 and 30 day average is $350, with a one year average of $460. This is still a wonderful collectors piece that won't break the bank.

Action 52 Sega Genesis CGC 8.5 A++

I've written about Action 52 at length, and yet anytime one comes up for auction I get excited. This game is arguably the most infamous bootleg video game of our time, featuring 52 ripoff games and ports. Action 52 also introduced The Cheetahmen, a series that failed to launch after the release of Action 52. Despite being released for both the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, and the Sega Genesis in 1993, sales were unsurprisingly low. As a result, this game is fairly difficult to find.

This CGC 8.5 A++ sealed copy is for the Sega Genesis is an eye catching example. Not many of these have been graded, likely due to their scarcity. Prices for examples in this grade are trending down, with the game having a one year average of $178. The last sale for a similar game was in January 2024, where it ended at $149 in auction. This is still a desirable game for collectors, and one that won't cost an arm and a leg!

Group Lot of 4 Complete In Box Sega Genesis Games

This lot caught my eye immediately due to the Back to the Future Part III game. While it is not an uncommon game, I've only seen raw copies of this game come up for sale. This multiplatform game was released by LJN, which doesn't exactly have the best track record for games. The third installment mimics the prior two, and the game received mostly positive reviews. On eBay complete in box games have gone for upwards of $134, so I'm excited to see where this lot goes.

Other games included are NHL Hockey, Fatal Rewind, and Shadow of the Beast. Heritage notes these games as being in overall VF condition with wear, but NHL Hockey has a crack on the case. These are being sold as is, but this lot could be the sleeper hit in this auction.

Group Lot of 3 Vintage Unopened Sonic Adventure Figures

Sega Dreamcasts' Sonic Adventure was a wild ride for fans of the series as well as video game fans as a whole. This was the first full 3D game in the Sonic series, and gave players the chance to play as six different characters. The game has been critically acclaimed for decades, with many stating it's one of the best Sonic games ever released. The game has since received ports for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and has recently been released on Steam for Japanese players.

This lot of three unopened figures is a toy collectors dream. Original Sonic Adventure toys can command a lot of money in or out of the box, so I'm excited to see where this auction ends. Heritage notes the average condition is VG, and the toys were released between 1999 and 2000. There is some wear and discoloration, but the toys themselves still display well.