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GI Joe Origins #6GI Joe Origins #6
IDW Comics
Dixon & Padilla

This one-shot issue deals with Scarlett. It's not really an origin story, instead it's more of a Special Mission story. In fact, it's really not very clear where in the timeline this comic takes place. I can't say it's the best single-shot story or even Scarlett story I've ever read. Ultimately, without Cobra or a definable villain the story isn't terribly memorable. While its execution might be done sufficiently I'm not sure of its purpose in the grand scheme of GI Joe. This one is really for those that must have every single GI Joe issue.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe story is very simple. Scarlett and three other Joes drop into a friendly country to take out a threat. It's a little murky as to why they have to be so covert in a friendly country or why the country's own resources aren't involved, but it's not very important either way. Scarlett runs into someone she knew from her life prior to being a Joe. This is a problem because all of the Joes are supposed to be dead to their friends and families.

The remainder of the story is the Joes taking out the threat while Scarlett is thrust into a situation with her old friend and his group of friends that are actually the terrorists that the Joes are there to stop.

The comic's biggest problem is that this isn't an origin story. Even in the end a reference is made to Snake Eyes being rogue and Scarlett giving him help, which means this seems to take place more in the present world. Even if this mission is an early mission it certainly isn't Scarlett's first mission because we sort of saw that in the previous arc.

Another problem with the comic is how bizarre everything sets up. Scarlett is discovered by her friend and the other Joes basically tell her he's got to die because he's recognized her. So she finds someplace private to talk with him? Leaving in the middle of a mission? Very odd behavior for a commander.

The artwork had its share of problems as well and it wasn't helped by the story. Leatherneck and Recondo feel completely interchangeable. They even look too similar. Even the action had its share of struggles. Page nineteen where Scarlett is on the run and finds a guy on an ATV. It's not clear at all how or when she realizes who is on the bike. Does the bike turn around? The bike seems to pass her and then is still in front of her when it fires on her pursuers. It's a very odd sequence visually.

Basically the comic tells an okay story that might have been a nice backup in an issue as a double feature. Perhaps folded into a Special Missions story would have made the story more fun. As an origins story for a character as important as Scarlett it doesn't succeed. If you want to read a good Scarlett comic then look to the DDP Scarlett Declassified comic. This one you can pass on.

2.5 out of 5 geek goggles