Welcome back to this week's Weekly Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly Sunday - Tuesday comic auction, their weekly video game auction, and their weekly poster auction to see which items should be on your radar!

If The Devil Would Talk CGC Universal 4.0

In 1950 Catechetical Guild released If the Devil Would Talk, a Catholic secular comic that talks about the evils of the secular world. This comic was written by Reverend Demetrius Manousos with art by Addison Burbank, and if I'm being honest this is one of the most unique comics I've come across. The comic tells us how people are giving their souls to the devil by doing things such as;

Having one child
Having an affair
Having a son who becomes a juvenile delinquent because you didn't have another child and your husband cheated on you.
Sending said son to public school where they teach science.
You know, normal things.

This book is considered scarce, with fewer than 30 copies known to exist. As a result, this book seldom comes up for auction. The last time a 4.0 example came for auction, it sold for $408 in August 2022. This copy is high on my want list, and I absolutely think everyone should take a look at it.

Vertical Force Sealed CGC Universal 7.5

Nintendo's Virtual Boy was ahead of its time when it was released. The short-lived console might have not been the most convenient, but looking back it was innovative and very unique. I still have mine from childhood, though now it's a display piece that hangs out in my living room. The system only had 22 games during its extremely short lifespan, with one such game being Vertical Force.

The single person vertically scrolling shooter game tasks players with controlling their ship -- Ragnarok -- and they must destroy the planet Odin in order to save Earth. This game was largely panned on its release. The limitation on color caused the graphics to blend into one another, resulting in a challenging gameplay. I don't mind hard games, but difficulty due to the limits of a console is not something I'm a fan of.

This sealed CGC blue label 7.5 looks great. Heritage notes that there is an indent on the front and back of the box, but overall this presents well. The one-year average for this game is $114, making it an affordable piece for collectors.

The Monster Squad Italian PosterĀ 

If you've been reading my articles long enough, you know my particular interest in horror movies -- especially Universal Monster ones! The Monster Squad is one of my favorite movies, and this Italian poster is very eye-catching!

Unlike the North American poster, this one does include three monsters that are in the film, but the naked woman with a Dracula bite mark on her butt (and a demon in the background) is a nice touch that absolutely doesn't reflect anything from the movie. Artist Sandro Cecchini did an outstanding job with this poster -- this example deserves to be hung up and displayed in every monster collector's home!

Heritage notes this poster is unrestored, and has general signs of use. North American posters sell between $80 - $150 depending on the condition, but due to how unique this poster is, it could potentially go for more.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.