Roy Rogers: King of Cowboys, The Collected Daily and Sunday StripsMedia Release -- Aside from his movie and television adventures, Roy Rogers battled owlhoots and badmen on the newspaper comic strip page in the 1950s, at one point drawn by none other than Alex Toth himself. Hermes Press brings the best of Roy's comic strip adventures back with Roy Rogers: King of Cowboys, The Collected Daily and Sunday Strips, a hardcover collection of remastered strips. Like the best campfire tale, Roy and Trigger's adventures never grow old, and this book is proof of it.

You can see legendary cartoonist Alex Toth's high contrast illustrations on several of the daily strips, most of which are presented and accompanied with an essay by historian Tim Lasuita. The strip's artistic posse also includes Mike Arens, Pete Alvardo, and Tom, Chuck, and Bob McKimson, who chronicle the rest of Roy's adventures.

The color section features artwork, photos of rare toys, old advertisements, and movie posters, with a foreword written by none other than Roy and Dale's son: Roy "Dusty" Rogers! See what Dusty had to tell us about life with his famous Dad on our blog.

Roy Rogers: King of the Cowboys is another landmark reprint edition to add to the Hermes Press library, for fans of movies, cowboys, comics...or just good old fashioned Western yarns.

ISBN 1-932563-51-2; black-and-white with color; landscape hardcover with printed laminated cover and dustjacket; 8 by 10 inches;

224 pages; reprints one-and-a-half years of the daily strip and twelve complete color continuities of the Sunday strip

All ages; $49.99.

Hermes Press; (724) 652-0511;