Deadpool #1 set the eBay market ablaze this week as collectors and investors get ready for Deadpool & Wolverine.

The Hottest Comics are all about those sales. Using eBay's updated data, this index measures the sales volume rather than relying on fair market values. Regardless of prices, these rankings show which single issues have been on the most wish lists for the last 10, 30, 60, 90, and 180 days. Below you will find the five issues that gained the most ground in the aforementioned timeframes.


It's time again for the weekly collecting price index update. Over the last month, the Modern Age has been regaining its momentum after struggling in recent weeks. Next to it, we have the Copper Age, and those comics have been consistently on the sales upswing in the same span. Both the Silver and Golden Ages have been trending upwards as well. All in all, the market is looking healthy, minus the Bronze Age. Those comics dipped in the past month, though Wolverine's live-action return should help matters.


Deadpool 113. DEADPOOL #1 (+84)

Meteoric is an accurate descriptor for Deadpool #1 this week. Wade Wilson's first self-titled comic blistered the 10-day field, raking up over 80 positions and nearly cracking the top-10 Hottest Comics.

No question, the reason behind the sales surge is obvious: the looming theatrical release of Deadpool & Wolverine. Along with New Mutants #98, collectors and investors want to own 1994's Deadpool #1. Like many characters, Deadpool's first title was a limited series that likely was meant to test the market before giving the character an ongoing series.

Whether it's a limited series or a monthly title, those first comics are hot collectibles in today's market. The closer we get to D&W's theatrical premiere, the more popular his key issues will become. That's great news for sellers. Buyers, however, should use caution. If we see the same movie trend, sales will dip soon after the world sees the movie, so be careful how much you're willing to invest in that exquisite 9.8.



Could we finally see Black Cat on the silver screen? She was teased in Morbius, and Sony has the third Venom movie on the way as well as the solo Kraven flick. Surely she will appear in one of those projects, right? Don't get your hopes up. After all, this is Sony we're talking about, and the studio has a reputation for bad live-action superhero films as well as dangling plot threads galore. The latest Venom: The Last Dance trailers alone have left fans wondering if there's any connection to the MCU at all. It's confusing times, indeed.

Let's not forget the on-again/off-again Black Cat and Silver Sable movie. That one was in the works twice before the Sony executives decided to throw it away, take it out of the trash, dust it off, and put it back in the trash. Still, Black Cat fans are holding out hope for her finally to be cast for a live-action movie. Odds are, it will happen, hence the uptick in sales for her debut in ASM #194. What we have here is not just any copy of ASM #194. This is the newsstand edition, which generally fetches higher prices.

For those new to the subject, newsstands were published and shipped wherever magazines were sold. And they were handled with all the love and care someone would treat a random magazine. On the opposite end of things, there are the direct editions, and those were sold directly to comic book shops. That's why it's much easier to find key issues of direct editions in higher grades as opposed to newsstands, hence the rarity of a near-mint newsstand.


32. TRANSFORMERS #1 (+51)

Transformers One isn't set to release until September, but the trailers are already having a noticeable market impact. Clearly aimed at a much younger audience, the origin of Optimus and Megatron looks to be more of a comedy than we've come to expect from the Transformers franchise. That's saying something, considering the number of silly gags in the live-action flicks. At this point, the marketing appears to be working as the upcoming movie is generating quite the buzz.

What could this mean for the Transformers' future? If One is a box office success, Hasbro will likely gear up for more cartoon movies. It also could steer the beloved film franchise into a much more comedic and kid-friendly direction. If you enjoyed seeing Optimus behead Decepticons, that may be on the way out, depending on whether or not One is a major hit.

When it comes to collecting and investing, as long as the Robots in Disguise are grabbing headlines, then it will keep buyers on the prowl for Transformers #1. In the end, that's what the collecting and investing game is all about.


31. X-FACTOR #6 (+54)

En Sabah Nur has claimed his place among the 90-day Hottest Comics. No question, it's been a good three months for Apocalypse collectors, and his first full appearance in X-Factor #6 is the top priority.

As has been discussed before at the Hottest Comics, the major reason for X-Factor #6's popularity is X-Men '97. He was teased along the way to the season one finale, complete with his face carved into sculptures on the moon. Then the X-Men were displaced through time and space, and Professor X's group managed to land in Ancient Egypt. That's where they encountered a young En Sabah Nur, pre-Apocalypse.

The other factor is Deadpool & Wolverine. The latest trailer revealed Tyler Mane's return as Sabretooth, and we can expect plenty of other FoX-Men cameos as well. Although there's been no talk on the subject, it's quite possible Oscar Isaac could break out his odd accent as Apocalypse one more time (and hopefully the last).

180 DAYS


The closer we get to D&W's premiere, the higher the related keys will climb. When it comes to the new movie, this has been one of the most popular issues to own. As soon as the teaser trailer revealed Hugh Jackman's official return to the world of X-Men, buyers went straight to eBay for Wolverine's first published meeting with the Merc with a Mouth. For the last six months, it's been on fire.

As trendy as Wolverine #88 is at the moment, let's not forget the ebbs and flows it's experienced in that time. To see it gain 61 spots means it had to fall 61 spots, and the momentum could shift at any moment. After all, this is one of the easiest D&W keys to find, whether you're looking for graded or raw comics. That availability typically means buyers will put it aside for greener pastures simply because this is a dependable option at any point. With those numerous copies in high grade being readily available, it also keeps the prices down, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.