There was no denying X-Men '97's market influence, but Nova #1 blistered the eBay sales charts.

What are the Hottest Comics? Using statistics pulled straight from eBay, the most famous auction site in the world, GoCollect sorts the sales data into six categories covering the transactions over 10, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365-day periods. These are based strictly on sales volume, not fair market values.

For today's blog, you will find the two comics with the most positive movement for the past 10, 30, and 60 days, giving you a broader sampling of comic sales. What the data reveals is more telling of what truly is the hottest comic on eBay.


22 NOVA #1 (+49)

Despite a lack of movie news or rumors, buyers have been stockpiling their Nova keys in recent months. Not only did Nova #1 rank as the biggest mover over the past 10 days, but it's also gained 68 positions in two months, placing it a noteworthy 28th on the 60-day list. It didn't have quite the upward momentum in the 30-day category, but it still fell into the 34th position, which is quite respectable. Put it all together, and Nova #1 has a case for being the single hottest comic on eBay.

There's no question that Nova will eventually be part of the MCU. Besides having introduced the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos wiped them out off screen during Infinity War. That would fit perfectly into Nova's comic book lore as the last corps member. Which Nova will we see? That remains to be seen, but when it comes to key issues, there's no replacing the first appearance of a single character called Nova.


If you look closely at the rankings, there were other issues that actually gained more positions than Ultimate Black Panther #1. Despite that, the issue is worth including because of how high it ranked over the past 10 days. For a comic published in 2024 to outpace so many established keys, that is impressive.

Both Ultimate Black Panther #1 and Ultimate Spider-Man #1 have been on fire since their releases. This year, renowned comic writer Jonathan Hickman resurrected the Marvel-1610, aka the Ultimate Universe. If you recall, it was Hickman who brought the world to an end during his 2015 Secret Wars event, so it's fitting that he would be tasked with recreating the Ultimate Universe.

There has been plenty of excitement and interest for the Ultimate Universe's return, and readers have been grabbing these first issues in droves. In the case of Ultimate Black Panther #1, the issue marks the first appearance of the new Ultimate Black Panther. There has been gossip that Marvel Studios may reboot the MCU, and that could allow for a new actor to play T'Challa. While it is tough to say for sure, that could be a factor in Ultimate Black Panther #1's massively popularity at the to moment. Who knows? This could be the plot Marvel Studios uses to reset its cinematic universe. At any rate, we could meet this particular Black Panther somewhere along the way, whether in live action or the animated realm.


20 UNCANNY X-MEN #221 (+78)

Here we have a worthy challenger to Nova's claim to the Hottest Comics' title. While Nova #1 was nestled in the 34th spot for the 30-day sales, Uncanny X-Men #221 zoomed ahead on its way to 20th. Gaining nearly 80 positions in a month is eye-catching, for sure, and there's good reason for that momentum.

For years, this issue has been popular but not exactly a collecting priority. It dates back to the earliest rumors of the X-Men's first adversary when they enter the MCU. Numerous sites reported that Mister Sinister would fill that role, causing his first appearance in UXM #221 to spike. However, with no news on the subject, it would quickly fall to the collecting backburner to simmer. Then a new round of gossip would take hold, and UXM #221 would get a jolt in the sales department.

With the premiere of X-Men '97, it's a new day for Sinister collectors. Chris Claremont fans will recognize his influence in the first two episodes, particularly the birth of Nathan Summers, aka Cable. Of course, classic X-Men readers know Jean isn't his mom; it's Rachel Summers, a clone created by Mister Sinister. It adds up to a clear allusion to the former Nathaniel Essex entering the fray very soon. Considering the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the show, we can expect Sinister to make a glorious entrance when he's formally introduced to the story. That will surely lead more buyers to the UXM #221 doorstep and beyond.

23 X-MEN #101 (+41)

Speaking of X-Men '97, the show's popularity helped a major X-key rise through the ranks over the past month. With Jean Grey at the center of the series' plot, it was only natural for collectors and speculators to turn their attention toward arguably her second-biggest key next to her debut in X-Men #1.

Jean's most famous plotline is the Phoenix Saga, which began in X-Men #101. The story has been adapted for two different movies, both of which fell flat. However, it was the original X-Men: The Animated Series that did the tale justice. Being a continuation of the '90s cartoon, I doubt X-Men '97 will reinvent the wheel with another Phoenix Saga retelling, but it is likely that we will see Jean bond with the Phoenix once more. That ups the stakes for X-Men #101, hence it gaining 41 spots in the past month.


34 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252 (+45)

The X-Men dominated eBay this week, but your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will always have an issue or two making noise.

ASM #252 and the first appearance of the famed black suit is a perennial favorite among collectors. Well before there were Spider-Man movies, you could find this issue in practically every Spidey collection. After all, the black suit is Spider-Man's most popular look, not to mention the overwhelming enthusiasm for Venom. It's the latter that has this issue making moves on eBay.

The latest word is that Venom: The Last Dance has finished its principal filming and will be released later this year. With a subtitle like The Last Dance, the indication is that this will be the final entry in the Tom Hardy Venom movie franchise, which might be for the best after Sony's run of live-action flops. Even if we're talking potentially bad movies, live-action news always churns the eBay waters. While Last Dance may be yet another Sony bomb, it's pushing collectors and investors to grab those Venom keys.


Again, the impact from X-Men '97 could be seen throughout the entirety of the eBay sales charts. Here we are at the two-month mark, and several X-keys littered the rankings. However, it was Wolverine's classic solo adventure that took the spotlight.

On the 10-day sales chart, Wolverine Limited #1 has been dominating the category. It's stayed at the top for weeks now, and much of that is a combination of X-Men '97 and Deadpool & Wolverine. That interest wasn't reserved strictly for the first issue as all four comics in the limited series were scattered across the Hottest Comics. It helps explain why an issue with no major moments or first appearances would gain 41 places and approach the top-50 Hottest Comics for the past 60 days.