Silver Surfer #1 rebounded in a big way this week, but Gambit's first appearance continued to set the pace on eBay.

It was a hot week for Shalla-Bal and Gambit as their debut comics led the way in the sales department. Using eBay's latest data, the Hottest Comics ranks the best-selling, single issues on the most popular auction site in the world. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at the biggest movers and shakers from 10 all the way to 180 days.


33. SILVER SURFER #1 (+62)

After dominating the sales charts for weeks, Silver Surfer #1 took a tumble down the rankings last week. It didn't take long for it to rebound and pick up an impressive 62 positions in less than just 10 days.

The word on the internet is that the Silver Surfer will be the central figure of The Fantastic Four movie. What catapulted the issue to the top of eBay was the big announcement that Shalla-Bal will be the MCU's Silver Surfer, and she happened to make her debut in the Surfer's first self-titled comic, SS #1. It added a collecting emphasis to what had been a Silver Age mainstay.

The question now is whether or not we will see Norin Radd in The FF. There's rumors and theories abounding that the story will take place in an alternate dimension with both versions of the Surfer appearing in the film. If that is the case, then it will put an even bigger spotlight on all of the SS keys, specifically this issue.


13. X-MEN ANNUAL #14 (+77)

Between Channing Tatum suiting up for Deadpool & Wolverine and Gambit's epic death scene in X-Men '97, fans can't get enough Remy LeBeau. And once again, X-Men Annual #14 is racking up the eBay sales.

Not only did it earn 77 spots in the 30-day category, but it also made significant gains virtually across the board. Over the last 60 days, it picked up 35 positions while also climbing 48 spots in three months' time. Then it managed to rise 56 places in the 180-day category.

It was only two weeks ago that X-Men Annual #14 was the top mover in multiple spans. Clearly it's been a roller coaster as of late, since a comic can't make huge gains without having large losses. Seeing it bounce back so quickly should inspire plenty of confidence in Gambit's true first appearance.


9. UNCANNY X-MEN #221 (+39)

Mister Sinister is gaining a new legion of fans. After being teased in the early episodes of X-Men '97, he took on Jean Grey leading into the season finale. There's plenty more to come for the villain in season two, and that will only build his legend. But there's more to come than just the small screen.

On the live-action front, there's renewed gossip that Sinister will be the X-Men's primary antagonist when they reach the MCU. Of course, he's been rumored for the silver screen since before Disney bought Fox. He was alluded to in X-Men: Apocalypse and New Mutants, and Jon Hamm has said he was in talks to play the former Nathan Essex under the Fox banner. Having the direct link between the Fox X-Men films and the MCU courtesy of Deadpool & Wolverine plus the addition of Sinister in the future X-Men films would bring things full circle.

With Mister Sinister more popular than ever, it's a seller's market for his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #221. It's been a huge seller for the past two months, and it's managed to crack the top-10 Hottest Comics in that span.


31. X-MEN #130 (+48)

Marvel Comics has announced that a new Dazzler series is on the way, and that has the comics community wondering if it's a big hint toward her live-action arrival. It's also a huge reason her first appearance in X-Men #130 has had a rocket strapped to it for the last three months.

First, it was Deadpool & Wolverine. For the past year, the comic newsfeed has been littered with headlines about either confirmed or rumored cameos for the third Deadpool flick. With Wade Wilson traversing the Multiverse, it's only fitting that any and all characters from the Fox X-Men movies and beyond would make appearances in the film. One of the biggest potential cameos could be Taylor Swift. There's been scuttlebutt about her playing Marvel's resident mutant pop star for several years, and there's heavy indication that she'll be part of Deadpool & Wolverine.

Then there is X-Men '97. Although we've only seen Dazzler briefly, her arrival in the show sparked a new wave of interest for X-Men #130. Pair the cartoon with the Taylor Swift rumors, and add in that new comic series, and you have the recipe for huge sales on eBay.

180 DAYS

26. X-MEN #101 (+29)

In another week overrun with X-Men keys, it's no surprise to see X-Men #101 rounding out the list. This is a go-to for most collectors, and X-Men '97 has made it an investment priority given the numerous references to the Phoenix Force. One way or another, we are bound to see either Jean or Madelyne don the classic costume and become the Phoenix in the cartoon. Those teases to the all-powerful entity has made this issue the biggest mover in the past six months.

Since X-Men: The Animated Series covered the Phoenix's origin story, X-Men '97 is able to pick up with something new to mainstream audiences. At this point, we have seen enough Dark Phoenix adaptations, and X-Men: TAS gave fans the best version of the story. In X-Men '97, we just might see Madelyne rather than Jean take up the costume and bond with the space god, which would give her a worthy story arc.

The other thing to keep in mind in regards to the Phoenix deals with the Avengers. From Captain America meeting Rogue to Morph transforming into the Hulk, we've gotten nearly as many Avengers references as we have the Phoenix. It would seem there is a clear trajectory towards an X-Men versus Avengers story, and that could very well include the Phoenix Force. Don't forget that, in the comics, the Phoenix has been directly linked to Earth's Mightiest Heroes as Thor's mom and forming a brief bond with Echo. Something along those lines could play out in X-Men '97, giving collectors and investors another reason to own this comic.