Hottest Copper Comics (And Some Not So Hot...)Copper comics are in a sweet spot of amazing collectibles and investment opportunities.  GoCollect tracks sales data which can tell us a lot about what both collectors and investors are interested in at the moment.  Rankings are based on sales data, which can change quickly.  Rankings referenced here are as of when this is written and may be different by the time this is posted.

One of the most interesting moves is the 2006 comic from Dynamite publishing, The Boys #1.

The Boys #1 - up and then down

Hottest Copper Comics (And Some Not So Hot...)

This first appearance of many of the key characters of this series, including Billy Butcher, soared into the top twenty and then recently dropped 19 places down to #36 in the Copper Era sales data.  This attention is likely related to the announcement of Amazon picking up a fourth season of this edgy and adult superhero tale.

This popular series, which includes rape, murder, and a laundry list of other bad behavior by the "supes" in just the first few episodes, is clearly still popular with collectors and investors.  9.8 graded copies of The Boys #1 are up 17% year-over-year and hitting $700 in Fair Market Value.

Clone Wars at Auction

Hottest Copper Comics (And Some Not So Hot...)

The Auction tracking of books is often inspiring.  July saw a 9.8 graded copy of Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1 (Special Edition Dark Horse 100) sell at auction for $9,999!  This 2008 book by Dark Horse was limited to 1000 issues (as it says on the cover).

Just four short years before Lucas Films would get packaged and sold to Disney / Marvel, this is the first appearance of Ashoka Tano.  She came to life as a bit player in the animated Clone Wars series but eventually developed into a dynamic character, now figuring significantly in Disney+ Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian.

Spawn and Spider-Man

These two characters are dominating the Copper Era charts.  Spawn #1 continues to be in huge demand, with this McFarlane 1992 kick-off to his Image Comics publishing world not just the top Copper Era book but steadily holding one of the top two places in the overall market sales charts for all books.

The Spider-Man franchise holds down 13 of the top 20 spots in the Copper Era charts (including two Secret Wars books and Venom).  The most interesting of these to me is finding Web of Spider-Man #1 moving up 3 spots to be at #17 in sales. 1985 is my sweet spot of collecting and I don't recall ever owning this book.  I suspect I lost it in a poker game, back when we used to do that and it was probably barely an acceptable ante back then.  Today, a 9.8 graded book has an FMV of $240 and is trending up.  I'm curious.

Gambit Time

Both the first appearance keys for Gambit continue to work.  The 1990 Claremont character continues to be rumored to be headed for greater things in the MCU.

The recognized first appearance in X-Men #266 holds steady in the top twenty in sales at #15 and has an FMV of around $800.

More interesting (or at least more affordable to a fan) is the X-Men Annual #14 in which Gambit has a "cameo" in 15 panels.  This book is up 10 spots to land at #30 in the sales charts and has a 9.8 graded copy FMV of $300.

As a collector, I'm hoping to find a copy of The Boys #1, but may have to wait for the news around the new season to cool off.  And I will have to put reading Web of Spider-Man #1 on Marvel Unlimited on my to-do list for next week.

I was skeptical that Marvel Unlimited would be worth it but, while I love collecting and speculating in comics, I also love reading books that I find out about but don't really care to own.  Marvel Unlimited has been great for that.  Does anyone else use it just to read old classics?

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