Hottest Silver Age Comics: Fantastic Four Books are on Fire!Analyzing the Hottest Silver Age Comics of the last 30 days is a case study of both what lies behind us and speculation about what lies ahead. Much of what we see on this list ties directly to recent announcements about film franchises or relates directly to projects that have heavy rumors attached to them. With recent DC and Marvel announcements, there is no shortage of hot books from the Silver Age of comic creation. These movies and future projects are still driving speculation and Silver Age books are rising because of it.

Here are the five highest risers among Silver Age books in the past month.

Fantastic Four #33 (+89)

Hottest Silver Age Comics: Fantastic Four Books are on Fire!

Unless you have been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you saw the new trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It had almost 30 million views after less than a week online and many are calling it the best trailer the MCU has ever released. In that spot, we saw our first glimpses of Namor, and all things Sub-Mariner have subsequently shot to the moon.

No other book rose faster than Fantastic Four #33, which was outside the top 100, but now sits at the #11 Silver Age comic. In addition to an early Fantastic Four and Namor story, this book features the first appearance of Attuma, an Atlantis barbarian. Attuma is now confirmed for the Black Panther movie, so this book is on fire.

Plot details are sketchy, but the general consensus is that Namor and Wakanda may have to team up to defeat Attuma, who challenges Namor for the Atlantis throne. With a new villain coming in perhaps the year's most anticipated Marvel product, this book will stay hot for some time.

Fantastic Four #50 (+71)

Hottest Silver Age Comics: Fantastic Four Books are on Fire!

Often, the Silver Age books that rise the fastest are the ones that are most attainable by the greatest number of people. Such may be the case with FF #50, the third of the Galactus/Silver Surfer trilogy that was introduced with Fantastic Four #48. Beyond being the third appearance of Galactus and Silver Surfer, there is not much key, historical significance for this book other than it being a part of the trilogy. But that affordability plus the confirmation of the Fantastic Four movie date at San Diego Comic-Con has sent the book soaring as high as Silver Surfer himself.

On July 24th, the date of the Marvel panel at SDCC, this book sold for $1,200 in a CGC 7.0. That was more than $300 above the previous two sales and could serve as a harbinger for the rising tide of all FF books in the months to come. With more than 3,000 blue and yellow CGC label books available, this seems like a book where the buyer can be somewhat selective and not have to settle for the top of the fair market value list.

Fantastic Four #67  (+54)

One of the pieces of exclusive footage that was shown at SDCC during the Marvel panel was from Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3. It was teased at the end of GOTG Vol. 2, but we now know that this new version will heavily feature the character of Adam Warlock. Actor Will Poulter, who will play the Warlock character, appeared at the panel and discussed some of his preparation for the role.

FF #67 is famous for being the first appearance of HIM, who later becomes Adam Warlock in the Thor comics. We glimpsed the gold cocoon from which Warlock emerges in a post-credits scene in GOTG Vol. 2, and there we have that same cocoon, right there on the cover of FF #67. With so much attention paid to this character, we can be assured that Warlock will be with us even after the current GOTG saga ends with Volume 3.

This book plus Thor #165 - the first cover and first full appearance of HIM - are sure to rise between now and May 2023 when we get this movie in theaters. What once could be had at relatively cheap prices is going to have the MCU tax on it until we see Warlock fade out of the MCU years from now.

Tales of Suspense #94 (+50)

Anyone who placed a bet on a Bill Murray MCU character driving the comic charts, come collect your winnings now! It is widely rumored that Bill Murray will appear in the new Antman and the Wasp film as M.O.D.O.K. or some other nefarious villain trying to foil some family-friendly plot for Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne. We do know from Kevin Feige's announcements that M.O.D.O.K. will appear in this movie, which is sending his first full appearance soaring.

Otherwise known as a Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, this large-headed villain has appeared opposite Captain America, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four for almost 55 years, but it remains to be seen how large a role this iconic Marvel villain will have in the MCU. Considering there are fewer than 1,000  blue and yellow label CGC copies on the census, it might be worth investing in this if the prices cool down. A CGC 8.5 copy was purchased for $610 on the day after the Antman trailer debuted just for SDCC attendees.

Captain America #117 (+43)

One of the more pleasant surprises of the SDCC weekend and the Marvel announcements was the confirmation that Anthony Mackie would return to lead a Captain American movie entitled Captain America: New World Order. What that New World Order is remains to be seen and ideas on that could change a dozen times between now and when the film premieres in May 2024.

Does the New World Order reference the Flag Smashers from the Captain America and the Winder Solider Disney+ series? Is it referencing the building of a new Avengers team? What about the evolution of Young Avengers? Any and all of these are on the table as we project the plot 22 months in advance.

Captain America #117 is, of course, the first appearance of Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon. It seems as though what Kevin Feige was pushing for will happen: Sam Wilson as Captain America will lead assemble a new Avengers team as we head into Phase 6 and two separate Avengers movies. As we move closer to that date, expect this book to continue to climb up the charts. Especially if Sam Wilson takes up the mantle of one of the premier faces of the MCU.

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