“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate, and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.

-Paul Coelho

Whatever you do in life comes down with how powerful your sense of focus is. It doesn’t matter how great you are at something if you don’t concentrate on your goal then you’re in big trouble.

Though it may be difficult, it is not impossible. Hundreds of aspiring players had reached the top and are the best at what they do in the game. From shocking plays to comebacks that you’ve never thought you could do in the Summoner’s Rift. All they had at the start of their journey was FOCUS.

Focus can turn an Iron player into an amazing Challenger player that fans around the world adore. If you are aiming for fame or you're wanting to be great at the game. Then you gotta have a certain amount focus for long periods of hours.

With all that said, we’re giving you the guidelines to take your League plays at a whole another level. You want to be at that growth zone where you excel at the game and reach the division you want to achieve.

Here are 5 things you can do to stay focused while playing League of Legends…

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

As soon as the game starts, you have to start conditioning your brain to be on full “carry mode”. When you are playing Solo Queue, determining the abilities of your allies is a must. Why not listen to your favorite tunes on YouTube and create this zone you want to be in. Whether it’s slow and relaxing songs to boost creative thinking or even hard rock songs to jolt your brain into having that 5/0 in the early game. Just by listening to music, you'll be ranking off the charts in no time! You can also try tunes in Spotify to break that losing streak pronto.

Bring Goodies to Eat

When you're playing League of Legends, your brain is consuming data. And as you consume data, you'll be getting energy from your body. That is why you'd feel hungry after sitting for 3-5 games or even more. So the best solution is...bring goodies to eat! Have snacks you can place at your side to chomp into whenever you die. While you're waiting for the death spawn to finish, you'll be fueling your brain back. Preparing for the next big play you are about to do! If you are that hungry. You even rest after a few games and take a break to eat your lunch or if you're playing at night it's dinner then. Recharge your brain and get ready for the greatest plays you are about to have.

Pick Your Best Champion

When you are playing Solo Queue, sometimes you have to adjust and it takes a bit out of you. When you are not confident in that champion, your focus drops drastically. You'll be only thinking of the right combos, right runes, right moves to cope up for your team's request. If your favorite champion is banned in the matchmaking phase, then you fill for it. But as much as possible, take your best champion into the Summoner's Rift and bring down your power. You've noticed that most Challenger players have a champion they always play. It is better to use a champion you're used to and know the strengths rather than follow some random dude online. So if you are amazing at Teemo, then play the devil all you want. Show them what you've got!

Watch Funny or Inspiring Videos

Losing streaks can be demoralizing. It takes a lot out of you and it is pretty difficult to come back from that. You can take a breather and rest for a while to refresh your mind. Or you can watch funny videos or inspiring ones from your favorite League player. Funny videos from babies laughing or meme fails can reverse your mood instantly. Observing other players' games and how they manage to play a bad situation. This encourages you to enjoy the process of playing the game and learning things the hard way. It even creates new adrenaline that you can use to restore the will to play better. I know its such a simple tip, but it is amazingly effective. Laughter will always be the greatest medicine. So why don't you try it out?

Visualize Your End Goal

Getting run down hundreds of times every single day of the week can be crushing. But remember this, all players who started from the beginning experience the same. From losing a series to winning from coming back from a lost lead. They all had one thing that keeps them running. It's that intensity that will get you to Challenger. And you should do it too. Visualize your end goal and stay one step ahead of your enemies. Learn new updates and how to counter them with your favorite champs. Be prepared to take hits for your allies for them to deliver heavy blows later in the game. Whether you're a caster support or a top lane tank. Delivering the best of your abilities will change the outcome of the game.

League of Legends has delivered a decade full of amazing champions and updates. With over millions of players playing the game, it can be hard for you to bring your 'A' game. But don't fret, it always takes time to be great at something. You have to put in the work, time, and effort to be the best. Love the process of losing then coming back better results. Expect the rewards you are going to get when you follow these guidelines we've given you.

Thanks for taking some time to read this post! What are other ways you keep yourself focus on playing our favorite game? Let us know by putting a comment below. If you found this post interesting, feel free to share this with your friends, and rise to the top together.


About Author Chris Guarnera: RTO - A North American Challenger Renekton player, streamer, and YouTuber who is committed to providing the best League of Legends educational content for free. I was placed in Silver 4 my first season so I know what it takes to improve from the bottom. I have ranked as the best Renekton player in the world and I want to help you excel as well.