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2024 FCBD Energon Universe Special Special Edition # (of 1)

WRITER: Daniel Warren Johnson, Robert Kirkman, Joshua Williamson
ARTIST: Ryan Ottley
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici

MAY 04 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $6.25

Discover three all-new stories from the Energon Universe, with stunning revelations for the worlds of TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, and VOID RIVALS from the biggest names in comics. A perfect jumping-on point for new readers and a can't-miss for long-term fans.

Antarctica #8 (of 10)

WRITER: Simon Birks
ARTIST: Lyndon White, Willi Roberts
COVER A: Willi Roberts
COVER B: Jagdish Kumar, Thaissa Diaz, Netho Diaz

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

After escaping the fake house and discovering another version of herself, young Hannah searches for her father for help. Meanwhile, Dr. Gohel must face the demons of her past and do everything she can to save the people she cares most about.

Antarctica TP, Vol. 1

WRITER: Simon Birks
ARTIST / COVER A: Willi Roberts

FEBRUARY 14 / 152 pages / FC/ -- / $19.99

Stargate meets His Dark Materials in a new non-stop sci-fi action blockbuster.

Hannah's life imploded the day her father disappeared from the secretive Smith-Petersen Research Station in Antarctica. Desperate to find him, she gets a job at the same station and is immediately thrown into events threatening the entire planet when a duplicate station appears, complete with another version of herself hellbent on executing a terrifying agenda.

Collects ANTARCTICA #1-5

Blood Commandment #4 (of 4)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Szymon Kudra?ski

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


His worst fears realized, Ezra is forced to take drastic measures in order to save his son.

Bloodrik #3 (of 3)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Andrew Krahnke

FEBRUARY 07 / 48 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


The story of Bloodrik reaches its bloody conclusion! He has dragged his wounded body across the wasteland and to the top of a mountain in search of food. What he finds instead will lead him into a brutal confrontation. Does Bloodrik have the strength to make it out alive?

The Bloody Dozen: A Tale Of The Shrouded College #3 (of 6)

WRITER: Charles Soule
COVER A / COVER C: Will Sliney

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

The Sun Prison awaits, as do its prisoners: Agvar the Stone, the Crane, Doctor Ortolan, and six other deadly vampire nobles. George, Greta, and Glory Hill are the three astronauts sent to break them out and return them to earth to serve as supernatural superweapons for the Shrouded College…but did someone else get there first and steal the prize?

Bone Orchard: Tenement #9 (of 10)

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart
COVER A: Andrea Sorrentino
COVER B: Christian Ward

FEBRUARY 21 / 40 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

The true nature of Us'uuul is revealed in the penultimate issue of the TENEMENT series! The residents believe their neighbor, Felix, is the key to all the questions, but the answers are far more sinister and terrifying.

The Cabinet #1 (of 5)

COVER B / COVER C / COVER D: Marguerite Sauvage

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


In this vibrant, tongue-in-cheek adventure series, atypical teen Avani and midwestern jock Trent teleport across a post-Cold War landscape to collect bizarre relics. Why? Well, because they need to summon the arcane powers of a resplendent 17th-century cabinet to fix a teeny-tiny mistake the last time Avani used it…unleashing an ancient evil from its prison and accidentally slaughtering her parents.

Courtesy of Eisner-nominated writer JORDAN HART (Ripple Effects) and co-writer DAVID EBELTOFT, and introducing the technicolor wizardry of artist CHIANA RAIMONDI! Each issue features a variant interconnected cover by artist MARGUERITE SAUVAGE!

Cobra Commander #2 (of 5)

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrea Milana, Annalisa Leoni
COVER B: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
COVER C: Chris Burnham
COVER E: Nick Dragotta

FEBRUARY 21 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

After last issue's shocking reveals, Cobra Commander searches for a power greater than any the Earth has ever seen.

But when this mission brings him face-to-face with a fan-favorite G.I. Joe faction—will they be friend, foe, or something else entirely?

The Complete Invincible Library HC, Vol. 5

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Cliff Rathburn, Fco Plascencia, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley, John Rauch
COVER A: Ryan Ottley

FEBRUARY 28 / 624 pages / FC/ -- / $125



Collects the INVINCIBLE: ULTIMATE COLLECTION, VOL. 9 & 10 into one massive slipcased tome. That's over 600 pages of pure INVINCIBLE goodness! This is a can't-miss for any INVINCIBLE fan and a perfect addition to any sturdy, reinforced bookshelf.

In this volume, Invincible's battle with Dinosaurus kicks off the start of a very tumultuous time in Mark Grayson's life, leading to…THE DEATH OF EVERYONE.

Collects INVINCIBLE #97-120

Crave #4 (of 6)


FEBRUARY 21 / 24 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

David, Alexandra, Albert, and Sofia are shocked by the events of the previous issue.
They need a landline to call Kei, so they take refuge with Alex's friend Daga, an eccentric fetish fashion designer and tarotist.

Kei reveals some shocking truths about Crave…and they make a plan to stop the app!

Creepshow: Joe Hill's Wolverton Station #

WRITER: Joe Hill
ARTIST / COVER A: Michael Walsh
COVER B: Gabriel Rodríguez

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $4.99

Master of Horror JOE HILL (Locke & Key, NOS4A2) joins CREEPSHOW!

Gather round, kiddies, for a special presentation!

In this feature-length issue, CREEPSHOW alum JOE HILL is joined by JASON CIARAMELLA (C is for Cthulu) and MICHAEL WALSH (The Silver Coin) to tell the terrifying tale of a businessman whose commute is about to get a lot hairier when his train makes an unexpected stop at "Wolverton Station"!

This one-shot adapts the acclaimed short story by JOE HILL in an expanded format with new twists and turns…including a special appearance by The Creep!

The Deviant #4 (of 9)

WRITER: James Tynion IV
ARTIST / COVER A: Joshua Hixson
COVER B: Matt Lesniewski
COVER C: Alison Sampson
COVER D: Martin Simmonds

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

When Michael Schmitz decided to turn his lifelong fascination with the Deviant Killer into a comic book, he didn't realize the process would bring him so close to the abyss. Now, as new blood spills in a decades-old story, Michael discovers that he might already be in too deep.

Duke #3 (of 5)

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST: Tom Reilly, Jordie Bellaire
COVER A: Tom Reilly
COVER B: Declan Shalvey
COVER C: Tyler Boss, Jason Wordie
COVER D: Priscilla Petraites, Frank Martin
COVER E: Karl Kerschl

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Duke's search for answers has led him to a classified holding site for America's most dangerous prisoners.

Now he's the most wanted man in the world.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to prefer him DEAD over ALIVE.

Dutch #1 (of 3)

WRITER: Joe Casey
ARTIST / COVER A: Simon Gane
COVER B: Chap Yaep
COVER C: Nick Pitarra

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


The legendary '90s super-soldier returns for an all-new adventure! An enemy from the past has forced Dutch back into the belly of the beast—but will his former teammates welcome him back? Or will a cybernetic kill team get to him first? It's balls-to-the-wall action from the team of CASEY and GANE! Plus: an exclusive variant cover by legendary DUTCH creator CHAP YAEP!

Edenwood #5

COVER C: Emanuela Lupacchino
COVER D: Dustin Nguyen

FEBRUARY 28 / 24 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


Rion and the surviving cadets from the Demon Killer University are taught valuable life lessons about survival, trust and honor by rogue demon killer, Greyhound. With their plans drawn to enter Edenwood and search for the "Legends," first they must infiltrate the demon-occupied Fortress South and take back Rion's book of maps. Rion's foe, Evaniel, is waiting for a fight to the death. But will he have help defeating Rion from an unlikely ally? The stunning conclusion of Edenwood's first big arc happens here!

Fire Power By Kirkman And Samnee TP, Vol. 6

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER A: Matthew Wilson, Chris Samnee

FEBRUARY 28 / 184 pages / FC/ -- / $16.99


First, Owen Johnson mastered the fire power…then, it was his kids. Does it run in the family, or can Owen impart his knowledge and train others to use the fire power?

Collects FIRE POWER #25-30

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #304

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: Francesco Segala, Chris Mooneyham
COVER A: Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson
COVER B: Andy Kubert
COVER C: Brad Walker, Francesco Segala

FEBRUARY 21 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


The former Snake Eyes is on a recon mission in Springfield when she's confronted by Cobra's deadliest weapons yet.

Gunslinger Spawn #29

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi
COVER A: Von Randal
COVER B: Thaddeus Robeck

FEBRUARY 07 / 24 pages / FC/ -- / $2.99

The aftermath of SPAWN #350 is upon us. It's six months later, and no one is safe!

A Haunted Girl #4 (of 4)

WRITER: Ethan Sacks, Naomi Sacks
COVER A: E.M. Gist
COVER B: André Lima Araújo
COVER C: Cherrielle

FEBRUARY 21 / 40 pages / FC/ -- / $4.99


With the lives of everyone she loves hanging in the balance, Cleo reluctantly heads towards a showdown with the Queen of the Dead. But can she overcome her own inner demons—the depression that almost destroyed her—when she is needed most? The shocking series conclusion is here!

The Holy Roller #4 (of 10)

WRITER: Joe Trohman, Andy Samberg, Rick Remender
ARTIST / COVER A: Roland Boschi, Moreno Dinisio

FEBRUARY 21 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

There's a festering rot in Levi Cohen's hometown. We can't wait for somebody else to save us, can't wait for somebody else to stand up and set things right. It's our time to turn and face the rot—it's time for the Holy Roller to lead the charge.

I Hate Fairyland (2022) #11

WRITER: Skottie Young

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


Queen Cloudia is finally getting a glimpse of where Gert and every brat in Fairyland come from: the Real World. But she's going to learn the hard way that it's much more dangerous than her realm. Meanwhile, Gert kills some stuff. What else did you expect?!

The Infernals #1

WRITER: Ryan Parrott
ARTIST / COVER A: John J. Pearson
COVER B: Alex Cormack
COVER C: Tula Lotay
COVER D: Christian Ward
COVER E: Martin Simmonds

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


Abraham "Abe" Morgenstern, the son of Satan, has one month to live. Before he dies, he must decide which of his three wayward children—volatile narcissist Nero, conflicted field operative Jackal, or troubled schoolgirl Bee—will inherit his shadowy empire. But will Abe ever be able to truly cede control of the Apocalypse? Or does the Antichrist have something else up his sleeve…

Writers RYAN PARROTT (ROGUE SUN, Power Rangers) and WGA Award nominee NOAH GARDNER are joined by Eisner Award-winning artist JOHN PEARSON (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, BLUE IN GREEN) for an epic tale about family, power, legacy, and the end of the world!

Kill Your Darlings #6

WRITER: Ethan S. Parker, Griffin Sheridan
ARTIST: Bob Quinn, John J. Hill
COVER A / COVER C: Bob Quinn
COVER B / COVER D: Ryan Stegman

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

After centuries of horror, can The Girl Who Wouldn't Burn change her violent ways? Or will the cycle of blood and death begin anew? And how exactly are she and The Great and Terrible Evil connected to Rose?


Killadelphia #34

WRITER: Rodney Barnes
ARTIST: German Erramouspe, Jason Shawn Alexander
COVER A / COVER C: Jason Shawn Alexander

FEBRUARY 28 / 40 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

"DEATH BE NOT PROUD," Part Four (of Six)

Our vampire heroes have faced undead presidents, werewolves, demons, avenging angel armies, SPAWN, even Lucifer himself…but the battle is not yet won, and destiny will now pit them against their toughest opponent yet: SAVAGE DRAGON!

Can SeeSaw and the spider god Anansi stop the coming armageddon, or will Philadelphia become the first city to fall as Earth is scorched in the battle between Heaven and Hell?
The sold-out, Eisner Award-nominated series continues! From RODNEY BARNES, the writer and executive producer behind HBO's Winning Time, and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, the artist who redefined SPAWN.

This issue also features a backup story featuring Hell's baddest badass: Johnny Gatlin.

Also available in NOIR EDITION, featuring black-and-white line art interiors!

King Spawn #31

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Javi Fernandez
COVER A: Björn Barends
COVER B: Von Randal

FEBRUARY 14 / 24 pages / FC/ -- / $2.99

The aftermath of SPAWN #350 is upon us. It's six months later, and no one is safe!

Love Everlasting #12

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST / COVER A: Elsa Charretier

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

"Just West of Love," Part Two More answers to all of your questions! The bloody, tragic tale of the Cowboy's origin continues. In a world without love, in a world without Joan, how does a man live? How far into the depths of hell will his loss take him? Journey with the Cowboy on his quest to find the woman who must always leave.

Midlife (Or How To Hero At Fifty!) #5

WRITER: Brian Buccellato
ARTIST / COVER A: Stefano Simeone

FEBRUARY 21 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Ruben Kwan tries to save a young legacy firefighter while dealing with the threat of the Maroon Suits. He learns some shocking new information about his past that may explain his special abilities, but the ramifications of this news could mean the unthinkable. Is it possible his father is still alive?

Monstress #49

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST / COVER A: Sana Takeda

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


Maika and her allies have returned, weakened and altered, to a Known World turned upside down by war. From the relative safety of the Wave Empress's domain, they'll reunite with old friends and face the new challenges of a status quo they never expected.

Moon Man #2

WRITER: Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST / COVER A: Marco Locati
COVER C: Greg Tocchini

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

As Ramon tests the limits of his new abilities, the astronauts return to Janus for more assessment—and the world begins to react to the news of a real-life superhero.

Newburn #15

WRITER: Amy Chase, Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Fabian Lelay, Jacob Phillips
COVER A: Jacob Phillips

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

The Black Castle knows everything, and death is the only solution. Ostracized and alone, it's the end of the road for Newburn.

PLUS: Things are getting critical in "LOADED DICE" by CHASE and LELAY. Roll a stealth check!

Nights #5

WRITER: Wyatt Kennedy
ARTIST / COVER A: Luigi Formisano

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Ay-yo, it's a nice, normal, chill time at the local water park. Don't mind the mysterious liquid floating in the water, it's probably nothing! Vince and Gray are finally gonna chat about their feelings, what could go wrong?!

The One Hand #1 (of 5)

ARTIST: Laurence Campbell, Lee Loughridge
COVER A: Laurence Campbell, Lee Loughridge, Tom Muller
COVER B: Sumit Kumar, Lee Loughridge, Tom Muller

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


Neo Novena detective ARI NASSER is about to retire with an enviable record, until a brutal murder occurs, bearing all the hallmarks of the "One Hand Killer"…which should be impossible, since Ari already put him away not once, but twice in the years before.

What follows is a deadly cat-and-mouse game as Ari pursues his quarry down the rain-soaked streets of Neo Novena. Ari will stop at nothing to unravel the secrets and ciphers of this case, but each revelation only leads further into the dark heart of his future-metropolis and Ari's own beleaguered soul.

Grippingly written by award-winning writer RAM V (The Many Deaths of Laila Starr, Swamp Thing) with hauntingly atmospheric art and covers by LAURENCE CAMPBELL (Old Haunts, BPRD: Hell on Earth) and LEE LOUGHRIDGE (DEADLY CLASS), THE ONE HAND is a miniseries that will keep you guessing until the very end.

For fans of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Black Mirror.

Our Bones Dust #3 (of 4)

COVER B: Tonci Zonjic

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Things come to a head. Trapped and alone, the Feral Kid makes a final bloody stand against the Cannibal family.

Petrol Head #4

WRITER: Rob Williams
COVER B: Ben Willsher

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

THE CITY IS ALL…THE CITY PROTECTS! The O's deadliest racer, SuperCarStar™, has tracked down Petrol Head & Co. Their only hope? A PETROL HEAD SHOWDOWN RACE! Meanwhile, can Satnav Sid find a sneaky back door out of the Smogzone? After all, he's a roit old geezer an' no mistake!

"A frantic, kinetic, and wildly colorful ride of the kind that reminds why comics are so great." –The Beat

Phantom Road #9

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST / COVER A: Gabriel Hernández Walta

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Dom and Birdie have stopped for a night in an abandoned motel for a chance at rest and sleep. But when they are attacked by unknown forces, will the tiny creature trusted to their care be the key to their safety or their destruction?

Radiant Black #29

WRITER: Skottie Young
COVER A: Mike Del Mundo

JANUARY 17 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

THE CATALYST WAR continues! Things go too far. Nathan and Marshall make their choices. An outside force enters the game. RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

Radiant Black #30

WRITER: Joe Clark, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato
COVER A: Marcelo Costa

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

THE CATALYST WAR CONTINUES. Pieces fall into place. Endless possibilities collapse. The end of the world is at hand.

The first half of a story that continues in RADIANT BLACK #30.5!

RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

Radiant Black TP, Vol. 5

WRITER: Joe Clark, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST / COVER A: Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato

FEBRUARY 28 / 152 pages / FC/ -- / $17.99

THE CATALYST WAR BEGINS! As an alien army vaster than the stars descends on Earth, Nathan and Marshall have to make the biggest decision of their lives: which of them will be Radiant Black? Two timelines will be tested in the trials of THE CATALYST WAR—and neither will escape unchanged!
RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

Collects RADIANT BLACK #25 A & B, #26, #26.5, #27, and #27.5

Saucer Country: The Finale #

WRITER: Paul Cornell
ARTIST / COVER A: Ryan Kelly

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

First there was SAUCER COUNTRY, a dark thriller that blended UFO lore and alien abduction with political intrigue, all set in the hauntingly beautiful Southwest. The story continued in SAUCER STATE…and now, the series reaches its long-awaited conclusion in this special one-shot, as co-creators CORNELL and KELLY present the final story of alien abductee Arcadia Alvarado's campaign to be US President…and her search for the truth of what happened to her!

Scorched #27

WRITER: John Layman
ARTIST: Stephen Segovia
COVER A: Von Randal
COVER B: Björn Barends

FEBRUARY 21 / 24 pages / FC/ -- / $2.99

The aftermath of SPAWN #350 is upon us. It's six months later, and no one is safe!

The Six Fingers #1 (of 5)

WRITER: Dan Watters
ARTIST: Sumit Kumar, Lee Loughridge
COVER A: Sumit Kumar, Lee Loughridge, Tom Muller
COVER B: Laurence Campbell, Lee Loughridge, Tom Muller

FEBRUARY 21 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99


Neo Novena archaeology student JOHANNES VALE has always been so very in control of his life. But when he commits a brutal murder using the M.O. of a historic and notorious serial killer, everything begins to spiral out of control…primarily as Johannes doesn't remember doing it.

What follows is a deadly cat-and-mouse game as Johannes seeks refuge in the rain-soaked streets of Neo Novena. He will stop at nothing to unravel the secrets and ciphers of what he did and why he did it; but each revelation only leads further into the dark heart of his future-metropolis and Johannes' own heartbroken soul.

Grippingly written by writer DAN WATTERS (HOME SICK PILOTS, Loki) with hauntingly atmospheric art and covers by SUMIT KUMAR (Man-Bat, These Savage Shores) and LEE LOUGHRIDGE (DEADLY CLASS), THE SIX FINGERS is a miniseries that will keep you on the edge until the very end.

For fans of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Black Mirror.

Spawn #351

WRITER: Rory McConville, Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Brett Booth
COVER A: Von Randal
COVER B: Don Aguillo

FEBRUARY 28 / 24 pages / FC/ -- / $2.99

The aftermath of SPAWN #350 is upon us. It's six months later, and no one is safe!

Spawn Origins TP, Vol. 28

WRITER: Joe Clark, Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato
COVER A: Marcelo Costa

FEBRUARY 21 / 160 pages / FC/ -- / $16.99

Spawn faces off against the Clown, Ab and Zab, and a horde of angry demons as the Dead Zones—portals to Heaven and Hell—are breached! Meanwhile, Nyx is in trouble and Spawn takes a trip down memory lane to find the identity of the sinister stranger who changed the course of his and his brother's lives.
Collects SPAWN #167-172

Spawn: Shadows TP

WRITER: Rory McConville, Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi, Thomas Nachlik
COVER A: Todd McFarlane

FEBRUARY 07 / 192 pages / FC/ -- / $16.99

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the world of SPAWN! Omega Spawn's lair is the site of an epic showdown, but when the Plague arrives, all bets are off. Meanwhile, Spawn and Medieval Spawn team up to escape the island, but trust is in short supply. And that's just the beginning! Spawn's Universe is more intense than ever with new shadow players and shocking revelations. Don't miss a moment of the action!
Collects SPAWN #316-323

Syphon, Vol. 2 #4 (of 4)

WRITER: Arish Akanda, Mohsen Ashraf
ARTIST: Thomas Hedglen, John Kalisz
COVER A: Jeff Edwards, John Kalisz
COVER B: Francesca Ciregia, John Kalisz

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

All seems lost as the Syphon demon grows in strength, overpowering the group and breaking Sylas's will to fight. An unexpected ally comes forward to help, but will it be enough? Livia struggles to contain the fallout with Gabriel, and is ultimately confronted with her role in the Syphon-verse.

Time Before Time TP, Vol. 5

WRITER: Rory McConville, Declan Shalvey
ARTIST: Joe Palmer
COVER A: Declan Shalvey

FEBRUARY 21 / 128 pages / FC/ -- / $16.99

In the final chapter of the critically acclaimed time-hopping saga, Nadia Wells embarks on a dangerous mission to take down The Syndicate once and for all. Can she succeed before time runs out for everyone?
Collects TIME BEFORE TIME #25-29

Time2 Omnibus HC

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Howard Chaykin

FEBRUARY 07 / 208 pages / FC/ -- / $34.99

Graphically experimental, narratively daring, and visually explosive, HOWARD CHAYKIN's TIME2 was a work ahead of its time. Now, to commemorate its return more than 35 years later with its long-awaited conclusion…it still is.

Transformers #5

WRITER: Daniel Warren Johnson
ARTIST: Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer
COVER A: Mike Spicer, Daniel Warren Johnson
COVER B: James Stokoe
COVER C: Orlando Arocena
COVER D: Natacha Bustos
COVER E: Karl Kerschl

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Starscream revives one of the most powerful Decepticons to eliminate the Autobots once and for all.

The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable And Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales Of I Hate Fairyland

WRITER: Todd McFarlane, David Hine
ARTIST / COVER A: Brian Haberlin

FEBRUARY 07 / 144 pages / FC/ -- / $16.99

Collects the entire five-issue anthology series featuring Untold Tales based on Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG's bestselling comic, I HATE FAIRYLAND, written and drawn by a stellar lineup of creators, including new short stories written by SKOTTIE YOUNG!
Featuring Untold Tales from GABRIEL BÁ & FÁBIO MOON (Daytripper, CASANOVA), AARON CONLEY (BULLY WARS), JORGE CORONA (THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK, MIDDLEWEST), MORGAN BEEM (THE FAMILY TRADE, Swamp Thing: Twin Branches, Wonder Woman: Black & Gold), and many more!

Void Rivals TP, Vol. 1

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Matheus Lopes, Lorenzo De Felici
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici

FEBRUARY 21 / 136 pages / FC/ -- / $16.99

The blockbuster Oblivion Song team of ROBERT KIRKMAN and LORENZO DE FELICI launch an all-new shared universe connected to the Transformers and G.I. Joe!


War rages around the Sacred Ring, where the last remnants of two worlds have collapsed around a black hole in a never-ending war.???

However, when pilot Darak and his rival Solila both crash on a desolate planet, these two enemies must find a way to escape together. But are they alone on this strange planet? And what dark forces await that threaten the entire universe????


Collects VOID RIVALS #1-6.

W0Rldtr33 #8

WRITER: James Tynion IV
ARTIST: Fernando Blanco, Jordie Bellaire
COVER A: Fernando Blanco
COVER B: Tom Muller
COVER C: Sebastián Fiumara
COVER D: W. Scott Forbes

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Gabriel Winter always had one eye on the future. So how long did he know that the end of the internet was inevitable…or that the Lane family would be at the center of this conflict? Elsewhere, FBI agent Siobhan Silk's search for PH34R nears its end, but what she stumbles across is worse than she ever imagined.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #82

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER B: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER C: Mateus Santolouco

FEBRUARY 07 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

The walls have been breached. As the herd enters Alexandria, even the most prepared are susceptible to attacks.
This deluxe presentation in STUNNING FULL COLOR also features another installment of Cutting Room Floor and creator commentary.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #83

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST / COVER B: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER C: Mateus Santolouco
COVER D: Julian Totino Tedesco

FEBRUARY 21 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Surrounded by the herd, Rick and the survivors see only one way out—to walk among the undead.

The Weatherman Vol. 3 #2 (of 7)

WRITER: Jody LeHeup
ARTIST / COVER A: Nathan Fox

FEBRUARY 14 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

Nathan must pass a loyalty test in order to gain an audience with the leader of the Sword of God. Cross has a falling out with the Arcadian President. Fears of a world-ending attack on Mars mount as the clock ticks...

Weird Work TP

WRITER: Jordan Thomas

FEBRUARY 07 / 120 pages / FC/ -- / $14.99

After months of gang shootings, Detective Ovra Sawce and his new partner Donut Trustah are given a high-profile triple homicide case. But what were a billionaire's assistant, a hood-turned-cult leader, and Sawce's former partner doing in that warehouse?
The hard-boiled noir of LA Confidential mixes with Futurama's bright, alien-filled worlds in WEIRD WORK, a crime epic not to be missed.
Collects WEIRD WORK #1-4

What's The Furthest Place From Here? #18

WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST / COVER A: Tyler Boss
COVER B: Meredith McClaren

FEBRUARY 28 / 32 pages / FC/ -- / $3.99

When the fight to save Alabama ends, nothing will ever be the same.