Inkwell AwardsMedia Release -- The Inkwell Awards are wrapping up their fifth season of operations which will culminate at the Charlotte, NC Heroes Con next weekend on June 22-24. Promoter Shelton Drum invited the inking advocacy to his long-running show in late 2010 for the following year which is when they presented their first ceremony to recognize the favorite ink artists in the industry. "There's no other show where we could be welcomed like that with open arms", says Bob Almond, the organization's founder and director, "the community trusts and respects Shelton and his staff and the family-friendly, southern charm, mom & pop atmosphere adds a unique flavor that you simply can't find anywhere else!"

Bob continues "The Heroes Convention collects more Inkwell Awards members than any other venue including for this year ambassadors Ethan Van Sciver, Adam Hughes, Mark Brooks, Cully Hamner and J. David Spurlock, various contributors and volunteers, former committee members Tim Townsend and Nathan Massengill, and most of our present committee team. And let's not forget Ms. Inkwell, our lovely spokesmodel, who will be portrayed by model Haley Greenleaf from Wilson, NC! We will be set up in Artists Alley and have for sale our annual 2012 Donation Drive book with a striking Mike McKone Ms. Inkwell cover, as well as previous donation books, our best-selling Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge book, prints, t-shirts and various donated items, all for our ongoing fundraising efforts to continue our operations, philanthropic programs and mission to promote and educate about the art form of inking. There will also be a raffle for Marvel Herc original art by Neil Edwards and Scott Hanna who signed it."
The highlight of the weekend will be the second live awards ceremony scheduled for Saturday, June 23 at 12:30-2:00 in room 209-210. The organization will present the winners from the six categories of nominees as posted on last month's ballot online at the Inkwell Awards website that ran from May 1- May15. This will include the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award which recognizes two artists annually for a minimum of twenty-five years of outstanding career achievement. Previous award recipients include Joe himself, Terry Austin, Dick Giordano, Klaus Janson, Al Williamson, Kevin Nowlan and Wallace Wood. Scheduled guest speakers at the ceremony will consist of several creators such as Bob as host, Ethan Van Sciver as Presenter, Bob McLeod as Keynote Speaker, and Dan Panosian and art rep Bob Shaw as Guest Speakers. The raffle drawing for the original art will be called near the end of the event.

Bob closes with "We're pumped about wrapping up what was a truly effective season thanks to a worthy and dedicated team. We have exciting projects already in the works for the new season and I will be thrilled to announce those after the Heroes Con celebration and subsequent short breather."

The Inkwell Awards ( is an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and educate about the art form of comic book inking and to annually recognize and award the best ink artists and their work. Now finishing their fifth year, the advocacy is overseen by a number of industry professionals such as founder & director Bob Almond, Jimmy Tournas, Michael W. Kellar, Stacey Aragon and Sarah L. Covert who make up the IA core committee and Adam Hughes, Mike Marts, Ethan Van Sciver, Mark Brooks, Sal Velluto, Mike McKone, Trevor Von Eeden, J. David Spurlock, Cully Hamner, Phil Jimenez, Eric Basaldua, Joe Kubert and Jim Shooter who make up their IA ambassadors, and numerous contributors such as Dan Panosian, Louis Small, Jr. and Randy Green among others. They sponsor the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art and host the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award.