Lucca Comics ConventionMedia Release -- This October 29th, Italycomics debuts "BOOM! Magazine Annual #1" at Italy's premiere comic convention, Lucca Comics.

Following the first three issues of BOOM! Magazine, readers and fans clamored for "more BOOM!" and Italycomics aims to deliver. With the latest issue of BOOM! Magazine featuring the conclusion of CAPED and PLANETARY BRIGADE, two replacement titles are needed.

"There are just too many wonderful stories to choose from!" said Italycomics Editor in Chief Paolo Accolti Gil, "so we came up with the idea of doing BOOM Magazine Annual #1 to showcase the first issue of four titles: DEAD RUN, HEXED, POTTER'S FIELD and THE UNKNOWN."

"Then, it will be readers' choice," says Paolo. "They'll vote from the remaining three series – HEXED, POTTER'S FIELD and THE UNKNOWN – to see which will continue in issue six. Readers can vote in our forum and in various other comics forums, to decide. This way we'll be able to keep two titles in each magazine issue. That is, unless fans force us to raise the page count!"

DEAD RUN by Michael Alan Nelson and Italian superstar Francesco Baigini will resume in BOOM! Magazine #5.

BOOM! Magazine came about this year as BOOM! Studios entered into an agreement with Italycomics (, an Italian comic book publisher, to publish a monthly anthology of the best of BOOM! in a magazine format, translating them into italian. Since release four months ago, BOOM! Magazine has been a huge hit in the Italian comics scene.

About BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios ( is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry's biggest talents, including Philip K. Dick's DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, The Henson Company's FARSCAPE, and the original Mark Waid series IRREDEEMABLE. BOOM! recently launched its youth imprint, BOOM! Kids, with Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES, CARS, and TOY STORY, as well as Disney's THE MUPPETS. This year, BOOM! Studios celebrates its fourth anniversary.