Kamala Khan’s series may have been postponed until this year, but that isn’t cooling her key issues. Take a look at these Kamala Khan keys.

The modern Ms. Marvel is ready to storm the mainstream gates. She had a starring role in the Marvel’s Avengers video game, appeared in multiple cartoons, and she is set to lead the way in her own Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel. The world is her oyster, it would seem.

All that exposure has put a target on her key issues, beginning with these four.


The first time readers saw Kamala Khan sans costume and powers, she made a brief cameo appearance in 2013’s Captain Marvel #14. With the Ms. Marvel streaming show on the horizon, it has added value to this issue, though it is not as expensive as her other appearances.

This typically sparks the cameo versus full appearance debate. Regardless of your stance on the matter, the fair market values are lower for Captain Marvel #14 than her larger appearances.

On the plus side, that makes this key easier to obtain.


Three issues after Kamala was depicted in a single panel, she would get a slightly larger spotlight in Captain Marvel #17.

This marks her second overall appearance, though she still was not officially named Ms. Marvel quite yet. However, the second print variant would reveal her superhero costume, thus marking her first cover appearance.

This issue has gained a massive following among collectors, and it would be worth your time and investment dollars to get one of your very own.


This has been the main target for collectors since Kamala Khan was first announced for the MCU.

Although she appeared twice before a civilian, it was in the pages of Marvel Now! Point One #1 that she debuted as the all-new, all-different Ms. Marvel.

While Point One #1 is not Kamala’s first appearance, it is the premiere of the new Ms. Marvel, and that has rocketed it to the top of many sales charts.

MS. MARVEL #1 (2014)

The final entry in today’s list is the premiere issue of Kamala’s starring role in her own self-titled series.

This was not the first volume of Ms. Marvel, but it was the first time the new character was given the series’ spotlight. When it comes to collecting keys, those first appearances can be too expensive for many collectors, and that has given rise to the debut issues of their self-titled series.

This issue won’t haul in the FMVs of Point One #1 or those early Captain Marvel appearances, but it will remain a suitable replacement for collectors on a budget.


With cartoons, video games, and a live-action streaming show, Marvel wants the mainstream audiences to fall in love with Kamala. The fanfare is not without its controversy. Many fans have been complaining about her power set being adapted for the MCU, having given her less body-morphing abilities and more Green Lantern-esque projections. It actually makes sense to make that change, since her original powers are noticeably similar to Mister Fantastic’s. 

With the Fantastic Four on the slate, it’s likely a matter of Marvel Studios keeping the two separate in the minds of moviegoers. In the end, it will help give Ms. Marvel a unique profile that should help to sell the idea to the mainstream.

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