The Last Ronin #1 is about to be scalding hot now that the dystopian revenge story is coming to the silver screen in all its mature glory.

Well, this was unexpected. Not only is The Last Ronin getting a live-action movie, but it will be the first R-rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick. And the fans did rejoice...but not necessarily the parents of young, turtle-loving children. They're going to complain, rest assured.

As soon as The Last Ronin #1 hit store shelves, The Dark Knight Returns of Ninja Turtles stories was an instant hit. Forget about the fun-loving turtles we've seen in the movies and cartoon shows, this was a gritty, dramatic tale like nothing TMNT fans had seen. Set in a futuristic NYC, the Foot Clan has all but exterminated the turtles, and only Michelangelo survived the attack. It sets him on a path of revenge against Shredder's grandson, who serves as overlord of the future New York.

No doubt, collectors and investors will be combing eBay for that coveted first issue and the most rare of variants (because there's not enough room in one blog to effectively cover them all). Here's your latest market report.


Two years ago, the graded 9.8 hit a record high of $330 in 2022. So far this year, it's been inching closer to the $300 mark...and that was before the movie news. In February, a copy brought $256. Currently, the fair market value sits at $199 for the past 90 days, which has surpassed the 12-year FMV. Now that word is spreading about the upcoming film, it will be fun to see where the prices land.


Out of the absolute ton of Last Ronin #1 variants, this is the most popular. In fact, there have been 39 copies sold online this year. This particular retailer incentive has just one sale in the past 90 days, but it managed to earn $110 on March 25. Three years ago, it sold for as much as $247, but the 2022 and 2023 highs both hit a ceiling of $170.


It never hurts to own the second print of a key issue, but in this case, it's the Thank You edition is the one you want. The standard edition is currently averaging around $30 for the graded 9.8, so fans can own one without much risk. Meanwhile, the Thank You edition will cost you quite a bit more. The only 9.8 to sell this month traded hands online for $279 on April 7. That's a far cry from the $600 it earned in 2021, but that's still a respectable price tag.


Along with the Last Ronin movie news, there is still a God of War-style game in development as well. Between the two projects, this futuristic story is about to crack the mainstream consciousness in epic fashion. If you don't already have your copies of the keys, don't hesitate because the window for profits is closing fast.