Screenwriter Nelson Greaves is teaming up with Davide Castelluccio for the fantastical and thrilling new story THE CARLYLE SCHOOL FOR KINGS.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Discover who dares to be king in The Carlyle School for Kings, coming soon from Dark Horse Comics. This new comic series is an epic fantasy adventure filled with revenge, friendship, romance, and betrayal. The series is written by screenwriter Nelson Greaves (Unfriended), illustrated by Davide Castelluccio, colored by Francesca Vivaldi (Hexware), and lettered by Frank Cvetkovic (Cyberpunk 2077: XOXO).

Emmelene Heron is the daughter of traitors, but even she cannot be denied entrance to the Carlyle School for Kings. For thousands of years, the academy has opened its doors to the best and brightest youth in the Kingdom. There, they are trained in matters of heart, strength, and mind, and the one deemed most exceptional will be crowned king for the next 30 years when the King Cycle repeats. This decree was enacted by Godwit himself to ensure the King is young enough that hope and idealism still thrive within them—but if they want hope and idealism, they invited the wrong girl.

"Carlyle was born from the trauma I experienced as a country boy at a cut-throat Ivy League university," said writer Nelson Greaves. "The culture encouraged us to win by any means necessary, and it wasn't a Monday if you weren't getting torn down, mocked and stabbed in the back. Unlike Emme, no one actually tried to kill me, and there wasn't a giant living under my dining hall, but school still felt like a fight for my life, and I wanted to tell a story for anyone who'd felt that way, too."

Artist Davide Casteluccio stated, "Carlyle is a comic which encompassed many different moods, with a story that is surprising page after page. I was pretty shocked by some of the plot turns!"

The Carlyle School for Kings #1 (of 4) will arrive in comic shops on October 30, 2024, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop for $3.99.

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Praise for Nelson Greaves:

"Fresh and fearsome fun." (Unfriended)—USA Today

"Bold and bats—t in equal measure." (See) – Empire Magazine