If you've been anywhere where fellow nerds or humans may go, you no doubt have seen those nerdy mini backpacks. From Disney rides to popular comic books, there's a mini backpack for just about everything. While mini backpacks aren't new, Loungefly has taken them a step further and made them a true collector's item.

Since 1998, Loungefly has been celebrating all kinds of fandom, including Star Wars, Hello Kitty, DC, Marvel, and more. Aside from mini backpacks, the brand also makes regular-size backpacks, wallets, apparel, pins, and more.

Yet, their mini backpacks have taken fans by storm, and many of the mini backpacks can be worth some serious money. Loungefly has even partnered up with select retail outlets to release store-only exclusives, as well as convention exclusives at several large conventions.

Arguably the most collectible mini backpacks of them all are the Disney Park exclusives. You can find exclusive mini backpacks at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Are mini backpacks a passing trend or something for collectors to take seriously?

Let's take a look at what's recently sold.

A Disney Parks-exclusive Sleeping Beauty Castle mini backpack was recently sold on eBay for $1,700 in July of 2022. This is a fairly new design and sold out quickly in the parks.

Comps for this tend to skew lower than the $1,700 price, but once this bag is out of print it may stay around the price. Other recent prices on eBay include a sale of $950 in June of 2022, as well as $699 that same month. On Mercari, sales on this bag are staying below $650.

Haunted Mansion items are always a hot item with Disney fans.

It's my favorite ride, and I collect Haunted Mansion items. Even my bathroom is Haunted Mansion-themed! Loungefly's most recent Disney Parks-inspired bag featured the infamous Mansion wallpaper but in white. This bag could be found at retailers outside of the parks but sold out fairly quickly.

In May of 2022, two bags sold for $1,100 on eBay. On Mercari the most recent sale for this backpack is $755. By comparison, the purple version of this backpack is easier to come across and routinely sells for over $200 on Mercari. On eBay, the same bag has been selling for under $200.

Other mini backpacks outside of Disney can also bring in money.

A Stranger Things upside-down color block backpack sold for $500 in June of 2022. A Kiki's Delivery Service mini backpack sold for $575. Yet, most non-Disney Loungefly bags sit comfortably at prices under $700. These bags retail anywhere between $49 - $90,  and can absolutely be quick flips for the right seller.

That being said, I would not go out and invest thousands into Loungefly mini backpacks as an investment piece unless you're selling them immediately after.  If you live near a Disney Park or go to conventions regularly you might be able to make a profit, but at what cost? After you factor in time and travel, is it worth it?

I do genuinely love Loungefly's designs, and I think these will last as collector's items, but as long-term investment pieces, I don't see them holding their value. If we were talking about true designer brands such as Hermes or Bvlgari that would be wildly different. Loungefly bags are fun and meant to be worn.

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*And perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.