Award winning creators Tom King & Elsa Charretier will launch the horror/romance series LOVE EVERLASTING this August at Image Comics.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- From superstar, award-winning creators Tom King (Batman, The Vision, Mister Miracle) and Elsa Charretier (November, The Infinite Loop), cast popular Romance genre tropes in an unsettling Horror light in their new series Love Everlasting. This ongoing series will launch in August from Image Comics.

"Love Everlasting is my dream project. It is a chance to create another Vision or Mister Miracle, to explore the themes of conformity and rebellion through the tale of one woman's journey through the fantastic and horrifying world of Romance," said King in an exclusive scoop on the announcement at "After a decade in comics, this is my first creator-owned and the most ambitious project I've ever worked on. Elsa and I are trying to create another Sandman, an epic exploration of the entire history of storytelling, of how myths and tales of love haunt us, enthrall us, imprison us, and perhaps, occasionally, free us."

In Love Everlasting, Joan Peterson discovers that she is trapped in an endless, terrifying cycle of "romance"—a problem to be solved, a man to marry—and every time she falls in love she's torn from her world and thrust into another teary saga. Her bloody journey to freedom and revelation starts in this breathtaking, groundbreaking first issue.

Charretier added: "Never before in my career have I had the opportunity to dig so deeply into all aspects of storytelling. Love Everlasting pushes me to explore world-building, to extrapolate designs from all eras and places and adapt them to comics, to come up with gestures and compositions that delight readers and terrify them all the same. We're really firing on all cylinders here."

The series will feature a number of eye-popping variant covers showcasing the talents of such artists as: Cliff Chiang, Alison Sampson, Sean Phillips, Amanda Conner, Terry Dodson, Tula Lotay, Stjepan Šejic, Jenny Frison, Clay Mann, Leslie Hung, Matias Bergara, Mitch Gerads, and more!

Love Everlasting #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 10:

Cover A by Charretier - Diamond Code JUN220024
Cover B by Clay Mann - Diamond Code JUN220025
Cover C by Charretier - Diamond Code JUN220026
Cover D by Tula Lotay - Diamond Code JUN220027
Cover E by Jenny Frison - Diamond Code JUN220028
Cover F (1:10 copy incentive) by Leslie Hung - Diamond Code JUN220029
Cover G (1:25 copy incentive) by Matias Bergara - Diamond Code JUN220030
Cover H (1:50 copy incentive) by Mitch Gerads - Diamond Code JUN220031
Cover I (1:100 copy incentive) by Mann - Diamond Code JUN220032

Love Everlasting #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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"Inverted Quantum Leap with a hellish romantic edge." —Kieron Gillen