THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR.Media Release -- Marvel superstar artist Mike Deodato, Jr. is creating and printing his first-ever book of original cartoons via, and he asks his fans worldwide to be part of the launch.

"My readers know me from my many years at Marvel, drawing super-heroes. Yet they may not know that I'm also a cartoonist. I'm creating a whole series of cartoons about my life, my work, and my family, and I want to share these with my fans in the form of a book that I publish myself." Its title: THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR.

Deodato is well-versed in the language of comics, as he's shown drawing THE AVENGERS, NEW AVENGERS, DARK AVENGERS, SECRET AVENGERS, WOLVERINE, THE X-MEN, SPIDER-MAN, THOR, THE HULK, THE PUNISHER, ELEKTRA, WITCHES, WONDER WOMAN BATMAN, STAR WARS, LOST IN SPACE, QUANTUM LEAP, and many other books over his 20-plus year history in the American market.

"To make this happen, I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to finance the book. I'm imagining a slim, wide, 11" x 8 1/2" format, one that I hope will be the first of several volumes that I can make available at my occasional Convention appearances."

The 30-day Kickstarter campaign for THE MARVEL ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR. is found on

Part of the appeal of Kickstarter's THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR. campaign will be its many rewards, ranging from autographed books to full-size 11" x 17" art commissions. "I relaized that I get hundreds upon hundreds of commission requests per year," Deodato explains, "and I'm usually unable to take on any of them due to my schedule. What's more, since are rarely do Conventions and I tend to draw most of my work digitally these days, with the exception of cover art, that means it's hard to get any new art from me. This is fandom's chance. I'm setting aside a chunk of time specifically to create custom commissions as part of this Kickstarter campaign, so it may be the only chance most art collectors have of getting a new, custom sketch from me, and it ends up support a personal project that's near and dear to my heart."

"Personal" is indeed the name of the game for THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR. Deodato brings his sly, singular sense of humor to light in this series of sequential and single-panel cartoons that focus on his life with his wife and daughter, unveiling a private side of a man previously only known for his detailed, bombastic super-hero styles. "It's definitely a labor-of-love project," Deodato reveals.