Modern Movers 04/12/22: Ultimate Fallout #4 & Ms. Marvel #1Every few weeks we point out a few key Modern-Era comics that are moving up or down the sales charts. Most of this episode's top moving books have one thing in common - buzz about upcoming movies.  The start of Mile Morales as the Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Fallout #4, ranks as the top mover in the last ten days for Modern books. There has never been a time when amazing artwork, storytelling, and investment potential have come together as they do month after month in the current era.  We are reading and collecting in an amazing time.

Modern Movers 04/12/22: Ultimate Fallout #4 & Ms. Marvel #1Ultimate Fallout #4

The classic 2011 "Direct Edition" of Ultimate Fallout #4, in a 9.8 grade, has a GoCollect Fair Market Value of $2,900.

From video games to an award-winning animated series, this alternate Amazing Spider-Man is a hit.

Two years of breadcrumbs about who will be cast in a live-action series or movie have led to steady news and steady values for this landmark Modern book.

If you happen to be digging through your long boxes to check for this book (which you should have done long ago), make sure to check if you have the newsstand edition (with the "Black Panther" in the UPC code box) because it is rare to find it in a near-mint grade, meaning the FMV could run as high as $8,100.

Modern Movers 04/12/22: Ultimate Fallout #4 & Ms. Marvel #1Department of Truth #1

Ranked #9 in the Modern Movers hot list, Image Comics' Department of Truth #1 is up 40 spots in the past few weeks, making it one of the biggest movers.

It is a great story about what happens if an FBI agent discovers that all the conspiracy theories he has ever studied happen to be true but are covered up by the Department of Truth.  If it reminds you a bit of Erica Slaughter and monsters, that is because Department of Truth is another fantastic story by James Tynion IV.

Rumor is that this series has been optioned for a movie.  The story won a slew of awards as one of the best stories of 2021 (published at the end of 2020).  Tynion IV has said that the idea for this storyline started to take shape in 2016 in the wake of the elections that year and the way misinformation can create what people consider to be reality.

He describes the story as about the relationship between power and information. A 9.8 graded book has a current FMV of $80, which could easily move higher if news of a movie deal continues to percolate.

Amazing Spider-Man #55

The second printing of this Amazing Spider-Man #55 comes in as the #10 Modern Mover (and the first printing is at #16, up 9 spots).

This 2021 book was an instant hit.  The "Last Remains" storyline was not my favorite and, as I posted at the time, Marvel's inclination to soak faithful subscribers for a ridiculous number of "LR" number books in this series did little to move the story forward.

But, it was a treat to see this amazing Patrick Gleason art on the cover.

There are thousands of census 9.8 graded copies of each book and at reasonable prices (2nd printing FMV $50 and first printing FMV $80) this appears to be a "must-have" cover to display.  No surprise this book is selling.

Ms. Marvel #1

This 2014 origin story of Ms. Marvel featuring Kamala Khan is up a massive 59 places on the hot list to land at #18!  The first solo story for our 16-year-old Pakistani-American heroine is rocketing up the charts and being snapped up by collectors and investors.

Iman Vellani is slated to appear in the Disney+ series, which will begin streaming on June 8, 2022.  The movie buzz is in full swing also with "The Marvels" slated for a 2023 movie, which will include Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

Ms. Marvel #1 has been a steady fan favorite and held value for years, so while the run-up has a lot to do with the pending movie and series, there is less risk here than other less popular books headed to the big screen (dare we utter the word 'Eternals').  There could be some pushback because of the changes Marvel has made to the character in adapting her to the MCU, but it seems to be full speed ahead for young miss Khan and buyers are agreeing.

Modern books, such as these on the move now, often give us a chance to buy amazing books with huge upsides.

Let us know what you are buying or if you think these books have flown too high, too fast.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.