One of the best things about Heritage is its never-ending supply of unique and iconic pop culture memorabilia. On August 4th, Heritage is holding a Music Memorabilia and Concert Poster Signature Auction, full of interesting and rare finds. There's a little bit of everything here from almost every decade and genre -- and there are loads of vintage vinyl! Here are my gem pics of what to keep an eye on during this auction.

Elvis Presley 1957 All Shook Up U.K. Promo Poster 

Elvis Presley was a lot of things to a lot of people, but he is generally regarded as the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis defied and went against the advice of many people around him to shimmy and shake, a feat not many other artists of his day were allowed to do. His single All Shook Up was released in March 1957 and in April of that year, the song hit number one on the Billboard 100 for 8 weeks.

This 1957 promotional poster was used in the U.K. during the single's release. This poster features Elvis belting out a tune with one of his guitars, against a vibrant poster. Finding promo posters from this era is difficult, so this is a real treat to see. Heritage notes that there is a crease across the center, but the poster is in overall Very Good condition. Heritage sold a similar poster in November 2020 for $4,750.

Etta James At Last! Mono White Label First Pressing Promo LP

The contralto singer was incredibly gifted, winning a number of Grammy and Blues Music Awards. Etta James' At Last! is arguably one of the best versions of the song, becoming a modern wedding staple song. Released in 1960, the signature single went to number 47 on the Billboard Top 100. The album did well but was not the initial smash hit Argo Records had hoped for. Since then the record has become regarded as one of the best, and is rightfully celebrated to this day.

This first pressing mono promotional white label vinyl is a real treat. Per Heritage, the sleeve is in EX 7 condition, and the record is in EX 7. This grail item presents incredibly well. A stereo blue label pressing of this album sold for $875 in May 2023, but as this is a rare copy it could potentially go for double.

BG-44-OP-1-A The Doors, Young Rascals 1967 Fillmore Poster CGC Universal 9.6

This first printing poster designed and signed by Wes Wilson is absolutely beautiful. This poster was for the January 6 - 8 1967 concerts for The Doors, Young Rascals, and Sopwith Camel. This classic psychedelic poster is hard to come by graded, with CGC having only graded 28 total. Even more impressive, this was Jim Morrison's first appearance at the Fillmore Auditorium.

This CGC blue label 9.6 is impressive. Only two copies received a 9.6 copy, but there are 16 9.8's, 4 9.9's, and 2 10's. Grade aside, this is a great poster to find. As stated earlier, this poster is signed by Wes Wilson (though this was signed decades before CGC was even a thing) making it a unique find. A similar CGC blue label 9.6 sold for $1187.50 in May 2023, so I don't expect this to go much higher.

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