by Elisabeth@TFAW

Our always-popular Nick & Dent products are an additional 10% off for the entire month of August, so you can get 60% off hundreds of graphic novels, statues, toys, and collectibles. You might have already heard about our selection of Nick & Dents–we always get great feedback from our customers–but in case you haven't, here's what you need to know:

What are Nick & Dents?
Nick & Dent graphic novels may have a bent corner or a minor scratch on the cover–they've been thumbed through in our retail stores, or perhaps they got slightly dinged during shipping. Because of this, we can no longer sell them as mint, but they are excellent reading copies at a great price.

With Nick & Dent statues and toys, the products themselves are usually perfectly fine–it's the packaging that's damaged. This makes them ideal for those who were planning on taking them out of the packaging anyway–plus, they can pay less than half the retail price!

Ready to start shopping? Visit our Nick & Dent page now. You have until August 31 to save an extra 10%, but quantities are limited!

Have any of you out there bought one of our Nick & Dent products before? What was your experience? Share you story below!