Each week Heritage shows the world that weekly comic book auctions don't need to be boring. How many times have we talked about important key books showing up at a weekly event? The answer is - a lot. Aside from comic books and comic book art, the weekly auctions also give fans a chance to bid on other unique items. In years past I've won Batman television sets, Carl Barks lithographs, Katy Keene paper dolls, and more. This week we're going to look at some items that may be overlooked, and who knows. Maybe there's something here that piques your interest!

Godzilla San Diego Comic-Con Explosion Figure 

Oddball Auction Items: Heritage - July 17-18 Auction #122229

San Diego exclusives are almost always a hit with collectors. People line up for hours to get their hands on them, and people will pay a premium for certain items after the convention has ended. This Godzilla San Diego Comic-Con exclusive was released in 2012 and sold for $55, an average price for a Bandai TamashiiSD Monsterarts figure.

Recent comps on eBay range from $150 in May of 2022, to $299 in June of 2022. Godzilla action figures can be highly collectible and this figure will most likely end at over $150.

LEGO The Beatles Yellow Submarine Set

Oddball Auction Items: Heritage - July 17-18 Auction #122229

LEGO sets are highly collectible, and some sets are highly sought after once production is complete. In 2016 LEGO released this Yellow Submarine set, based on The Beatles' 1968 animated musical. The set initially sold from 2016 - 2017 for $59.99 at retail outlets.

Currently, the average price for this LEGO set in sealed, new in box condition is $179. Recent comps on eBay between May through July have seen prices at $240 - $280, so expect to pay a little over $200 for this sealed, in-box set.

Marvel Comics Employee Event Napkins with a John Romita Sr. Spider-Man, 1987

Oddball Auction Items: Heritage - July 17-18 Auction #122229

This set of 25 napkins from a Marvel Comics employee event held in 1987 is likely the most unique item in this auction. Featuring a John Romita Sr. rendering of Spider-Man, the napkin's only other design is the Marvel Comics logo. Items like these are hard to put a price on. They are rare, unique, and appeal to a certain kind of collector.

Investors might shy away from an item like this, but if you like weird niche items, these napkins are perfect. I personally would not bid higher than $50 for them, but it is possible these could go for higher.

Warren Publications Manila Mailing Envelope Set of Three 

Mailing envelopes may not be on every collector's radar, but for the more niche enthusiast, they are an important part of a publication's history. Warren Publishing was a self-publishing company by James Warren and editor Forrest J. Ackerman and published one of the most celebrated monster magazines of all times -- Famous Monsters of Filmland.

This set of three manila envelopes has one envelope that prominently features the Famous Monsters logo right on the front, making this an unusually desirable piece for collectors. Mailers in the past from other publishers have ended at over $100, but this is still one piece of fandom that's truly hard to track. If I were bidding on this through Heritage I would not go higher than $80, but it wouldn't surprise me if this ended around the $150 mark.

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