Writers Terry Blas & Matty Newton and artist Lydia Anslow are coming together to EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Oni Press, the multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-winning publisher of groundbreaking comics and graphic novels since 1997, is proud to deliver your first look inside of EAT YOUR HEART OUT– a stunning new graphic novel from co-writers Terry Blas (Reptil, Steven Universe) Matty Newton (Regular Show) alongside debut artist Lydia Anslow (Disenchantment)! Kick off your Pride Month with Blanca as she learns to fight for herself, her friends, and her passion for fashion! Find EAT YOUR HEART OUT when it makes a statement in stores August 13th!

Blanca is running away. Away from her mother—the overbearing and strict Reina—and her mother's narrow idea of what shape Blanca's life should take. While Reina finds Blanca's dream of pursuing fashion design a wasteful flight of fancy, Blanca sees possibility . . . and she knows if she doesn't leave now, she might never. Of course, following your passion isn't easy, and when Blanca arrives in New York City without a job or a roof over her head, she's rescued by a kindly baker named Emile, who takes her in. With Emile comes his eclectic group of roommates, all living in the same brownstone, who welcome Blanca into their weird, wonderful world. Together, Blanca and her new chosen family discover that love and encouragement are key ingredients in the recipe for making your dreams come true.

Don't miss the heartwarming tale about taking on your dreams and the big city when EAT YOUR HEART OUT struts down the runway August 13th!

About the Creators:

Terry Blas is the illustrator and writer behind the viral webcomics You Say Latino and You Say Latinx. He wrote Ariana Grande vs Sergeant Shade and the Clonebot Brigade, the comic book tie-in for her R.EM. fragrance. He is also the writer of Steven Universe comics for Boom, and Rick and Morty comics for Oni Press. His original graphic novels are Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom, Hotel Dare, and Lifetime Passes, all of which feature Mexican characters. He wrote the Marvel series Reptil: Brink of Extinction. Terry lives in Oregon with his husband and their dog.

Matty Newton is an artist, writer, and professional hoarder from Southern California, now living in Portland, Oregon. As a freelance illustrator, Matty's personal artwork explores pop culture, social commentary, and frivolity.

Lydia Anslow is a storyboard artist and illustrator living in LA. She is also a huge fan of shonen manga and anime.

About Oni Press

Founded in 1997, Oni Press has a 25-year history as one of the industry's most respected and acclaimed publishers of award-winning comic books and graphic novels with titles including Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim, K. O'Neill's Tea Dragon Society, Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun, Maia Kobabe's Gender Queer, Ezra Clayton Daniels' Upgrade Soul, Brenna Thummler's Sheets trilogy, and many hundreds more. In 2019, Oni Press merged with Lion Forge Comics – the Eisner Award-winning independent comic book publisher founded by Academy Award-winning producer and entrepreneur David Steward II – to create one of the largest, independent libraries of comics content anywhere in media. The Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group now exists as a publishing subsidiary of Steward's diversified global media company, Polarity.

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