This article will feature overlooked comics that present big opportunities. They say that timing is everything, that couldn't be truer for Marvel's Outlawed #1.

Outlawed 101

Outlawed was a one-shot that saw the Champions (Marvel's team of young heroes) injure Kamala Khan in a battle. As a result, the government passes a law making it illegal for anyone under 21 to be a superhero. This book features several of Marvel's hot new characters. It was released on March 18, 2020, just before the world shut down due to the pandemic. I suggest that if this book were coming out this summer, it would be highly sought after. Alas, this book was extremely under ordered by retailers at around 27,000 copies. The story continues in Miles Morales Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, New Warriors, and Power Pack. Outlawed culminates in a new Champions #1. I would jump on this book if it gets printed.

Outlawed #1 Variants

Outlawed #1 – 1:50 Rud Variant
This 1:50 ratio variant is extremely cool featuring Miles, Kamala, and Riri looking super annoyed. I particularly like Riri's attitude here for some reason. It seems that variant covers featuring characters blowing bubbles take off eventually (I'm looking at you, Kamala Khan). These are three of the biggest future characters for Marvel. A 1:50 variant on a ~27,000 print run means there are probably less than 500 of these out there and in all likelihood far fewer than that. This book has the potential to become one of those ghost variants.


Outlawed #1 - Wrap-Around Variant

This variant was a late addition to the final order of cutoff. What I love about this cover is that it features all of Marvel's young and upcoming characters. It is a road map of who they will be focusing on in the future (please notice Gwenpool front and center, I've spoken positively about her in the past in this post). There were no order restrictions on this cover but it was certainly ordered far less than cover A. I saw 15 copies of cover A and one copy of the wrap-around variant on the shelves at a major comic book retailer in Boston when they reopened. You can find this right now for cover price or less. It strikes me as a smart pick-up.


Walmart Variant

I really love Walmart variants, particularly when they give you new cover. These are modern-day newsstand variants and I can see them becoming very collectible in the future. This cover features Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, and Sam Alexander. I cannot tell you how many covers Marvel has made featuring these three characters. They are telling us something.....You can find this for less than $10 currently. It seems like another smart pick-up. GoCollect does not have this book in their database. Frankly, nobody is really aware of it.


Outlawed #1 - 1:25 Variant

I am not crazy about this cover as it seems to be more about Captain American, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel rather than Marvel's young heroes. However, if you look at the pictures on the table you can see some of the young characters they are focused on. It could be a hint as to what is coming.



Bad timing adversely impacted Outlawed #1. The intention of this event was to raise awareness of Marvel's up and coming heroes. These characters are all going to be extremely important in the future and there are several really good books to pick up here. Overlooked opportunities like this can become modern comic gems.