Goldin, the leading collectibles marketplace, announces a rare 1951 Type 1 original photograph from Willie Mays’ rookie debut game at age 20 is up for auction. This historically significant photo depicts Mays with his hands in his back pockets as he receives advice from veteran Leo Durocher. Vintage rookie debuts are incredibly rare, with a Jackie Robinson example selling for $100,000 over two decades ago. 

Goldin’s June Elite Auction also offers a vast collection of other rare baseball Type 1 photos, including the earliest-known Roberto Clemente color Type 1 photo from 1963 and signed by the star player. Of all the Type 1’s of top-tier Hall of Famers who played in the 1950s-60s, Clemente photos stand as the scarcest, making this example extremely valuable. 

This month, collectors also have the opportunity to own some of the most iconic original photos of Michael Jordan – whose own rookie debut set a record with Goldin last year at $225,000. The collection includes Jordan at his first contract press conference in 1984 from the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as when he made his gravity-defying, hand-switching lay-up in his first NBA Finals in 1991. The auction is also offering one of basketball's immortal images of Jordanshrugging on the court in 1992 after draining his Finals-record sixth three-pointer in the first half.

Type 1 photographs are capturing the attention of collectors across the Hobby. These first-generation prints made from the original negatives have soared in popularity in recent years, becoming increasingly valuable among collectors. Type 1 photos in Goldin’s June Elite Auction auction will be available for bidding through Saturday, June 29. Goldin has built a reputation as the trusted leader in trading cards, memorabilia and collectibles. Goldin is always actively accepting consignments for future auctions. To inquire about consigning items, email