Nintendo fans, get ready for an auction like nothing you’ve seen before, highlighted by a 9.8 sealed Super Mario 64 and a rare early production copy of The Legend of Zelda, both of which could reach six figures.


Happening now through July 11 at Heritage Auctions is the Video Games Signature Auction. This sale is filled with 1980s and ‘90s gaming nostalgia with a particular focus on Nintendo cartridges from the NES, the SNES, and the N64. It will transport old-school gamers back in time and have them wishing they had kept their games in the wrappers.

What makes these so special is that nearly all of the games listed in the Signature Auction are still in their factory-sealed plastic wrapping. In the growing world of video game collecting, having a copy still in its original casing is a rarity. Having one that gets graded in the near-mint range is even harder to find, and that explains why the prices have escalated so quickly.


The crown jewel of this auction is a 9.8 near-mint copy of Super Mario 64 that is approaching $100k.

Finding copies of virtually any North American releases of Mario games is not difficult. Here we are, nearly 40 years since the NES invaded homes, and Mario is still the face of not just Nintendo, but home consoles in general. Even non-gamers recognize Mario and Luigi. Having this cartridge still in the plastic is another story. Currently, the bidding stands at $97,500, which is impressive in itself. 

Super Mario 64 is a great example of the budding popularity of video game collecting. Just last July, a 9.2 Mario 64 scored a price tag of $7,500. Meanwhile, a 9.4 went for $5,520 the following September. This year, a 7.5 sold for a whopping $6,600. Those all paled in comparison to the $38,400 price tag for a 9.4 Mario 64 that sold on January 17. 


Here, you have a truly amazing find.

Another gem in this auction is a 9.0 factory-sealed The Legend of Zelda NES cartridge. Next to the NES Mario titles, Zelda is arguably Nintendo’s all-time biggest franchise, and it all started with this cartridge. According to Heritage, this is one of the rarest copies of Zelda the site has ever seen as it is an early “no Rev-A” production copy still sealed in its plastic wrapping. 

At the moment, bidding stands at $87,000, and it could follow Mario 64 and inch closer to that $100k mark in the next two weeks. In April, a 9.2 later production copy of Legend of Zelda sold for $28,800.


For many gamers like myself, this is the one that got us hooked. Sealed copies of the NES Super Mario Bros. are prized possessions for game collectors everywhere, especially if you happen to have the more rare copies. Earlier this year, a 9.6 Super Mario Bros. made headlines when a copy that still had the store’s perforated cardboard hangtab sold for $660,000.

This 9.0 is not quite so rare, but it is, all the same, a remarkable find in the game collecting circles. Heritage describes it as the end of an era, as this particular production was part of the first line manufactured made without the cardboard hangtab. Currently, the bidding stands at $75,000.

This auction closes July 9-11. Don't miss out!

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