It seems like every month there are new comics setting records, and this month is no different! Check out the jaw-dropping prices Daredevil #1 brought in!


High fives to our friends at ComicConnect!

ComicConnect has set yet another record with their recent $250,000 sale of Daredevil #1 CGC 9.8, featuring the Man Without Fear’s first appearance.

Why now?

Daredevil has been around for decades; why is he still setting records?

“Rumors about Daredevil joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Charlie Cox possibly reprising his role from the Netflix series, have investment collectors snapping up copies at record prices,” Vincent Zurzolo, ComicConnect COO, explained. “I’m happy to add that ComicConnect also sold a CGC-certified 9.6 copy for $125,000. Now is really an optimal time for sellers to reap the profits from their collecting."

It's no secret that people love Daredevil. It's also no secret that fans love Charlie Cox in the role. Therefore, it makes sense that rumors of the actor reprising his role as Daredevil are enough to whip fans up with excitement. Still, there have been no casting announcements. In fact, news regarding Daredevil, in general, is sparse. So what does this mean to us? What does it mean to a collector?

"Fantastic Four was more the big book back in the day." Notes Dan Simkins, one of our resident GoCollectorians. "Fantastic Four, Amazing Fantasy #15/Spider-Man 1, they were kind of the big silver age books. Avengers was big too, but so-so. Then the movies come out, and Iron Man jumps through the roof; Captain America blows up; The Avengers goes through the roof, and we never really got to see that happen with Daredevil."

Why not, though?

"His movies weren't great and he hasn't really been in a lot of things. Several people almost (unfairly) consider him to be a low-rate Batman. So here's the thing, for this book to sell at this price, aside from the fact that it's a gorgeous copy; the colors are stunning, I have to think it's one of those things where the book is finally coming into its own without movie hype."

Of course, this is all just speculation as to why the purchaser sought this particular book. Is he investing in a possible Daredevil super-boom? An avid fan of the series? If we come across the info, we'll share it! Do you know?

Telling the Future

If any of us were capable of rubbing a crystal ball and foreseeing comic futures, then pegging the next huge sale would be easy. GoCollect blogger Ryan Kirksey called us all to action in May of 2020, warning us then that then was the time to buy Daredevil, as his keys could explode at any point.  Is he clairvoyant? Or was this inevitable?

"It speaks a lot to the state of the comic market right now, that this book could go for such a high price. It just shows that keys are hot no matter what, even when it's considered a relatively low-tier Marvel key. Plus, this was a 9.8; people who want the best will pay for the best."

This is a huge jump for a book that was commanding only a few thousand dollars in the last few years. If you happen to see one lurking around a garage sale or in a shop, GRAB IT! Who knows what could happen?

I'm curious to know what you guys think; where do you see Daredevil going next? Will Daredevil #1 be the newest exploding book? Would you have made this purchase?

If anyone is interested in checking out CommicConnect's other soon-to-close auctions, check them out!

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