With so many different MCU projects out there and comics to choose from, it can be tough to find investment opportunities that are still affordable and likely to generate a profit.  Fortunately, we here at GoCollect have you covered!

Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania

Pick: Avengers Vol. 7 #2, Cover art of Kang variants

Reasoning: One of the only things known about this movie is that some version of Kang will show up.

Given that uncertainty, this book, which features gorgeous cover art of every version of Kang, is a solid cover-your-bases spec play.

There are currently 122 books registered on the CGC census; 66 of those are graded 9.8.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Pick: Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest, two of the most celebrated Marvel Cosmic stories of all time

Reasoning: Nearly every big player in both of these stories either already exists in the MCU or has been announced for an upcoming project.

Whenever there is an opportunity to invest in high-quality storytelling that can easily be adapted, investors should take it.

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The Marvels

Pick: Ms. Marvel Vol. 3 #16, the first meeting of Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan

Reasoning: Carol Danvers is a foundational element of Kamala Khan's origin story.

The comic where the two characters meet for the first time should be considered a major story-based key.

There are only 22 copies registered in the CGC census; 21 Blue label and 1 Yellow. No sale has cracked $50 as of yet.

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Secret Invasion

Pick: Meet the Skrulls #1, the first appearance of the Warner family

Reasoning: Marvel recently re-released the trade paperback for Meet the Skrulls as Secret Invasion: Meet the Skrulls, even though the original trade paperback is still in print and Meet the Skrulls has almost no connection to Secret Invasion.

Why would Marvel reprint a fairly obscure title with a forced connection to Secret Invasion unless they intended for the Warners to be a part of the Secret Invasion tv show?

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MCU Sleeper Picks 2Ironheart

Pick: Ironheart #2, the first appearance of the Ten Rings Terrorist organization

Reasoning: The Ten Rings is one of the few consistent antagonists Riri Williams has faced in her brief history.  Using them for Ironheart would help build some connective tissue within the MCU (specifically between Riri and Shang-Chi).

This is an especially low-risk investment because the Ten Rings are almost certainly going to be part of the Shang Chi sequel, meaning speculators really won't have to sweat it if Ironheart goes in another direction in terms of an antagonist.

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MCU Sleeper Picks 2Armor Wars

Pick: Iron Patriot variants

Reasoning: The plot of the Armor Wars tv show revolves around James Rhodes trying to stop people from abusing stolen Iron Man technology, while the plot of the Iron Patriot series revolves around James Rhodes trying to stop people from abusing stolen Iron Man technology.

Given how similar these two stories seem to be, investors should look to buy up the rare variants from the comic book series in order to maximize their chances for profit.


I hope you found these picks helpful as you try to find new ways to invest in the upcoming MCU projects.  Make sure to check back soon as I dive even further into the Marvel films and TV shows coming out in 2023.  So, until next time, face front, True Believers!

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