At long last, the Teen Titans are getting their own movie, and that has serious investment implications.

There's been big news coming from the DC camp. Recently, the studio announced that the Teen Titans will be starring in a live-action movie. As Titans fans can agree, it's about time.

Over the years, the Titans have built a solid fandom with cartoons, animated movies, and most recently the live-action television show. With James Gunn and Peter Safran set to launch the all-new, all-different DCU, it seemed only natural that the Teen Titans would finally get their silver screen moment. However, they weren't mentioned in last year's official slate for DCU Chapter One. Now that has been corrected.

With the team getting their shot at cinematic glory, collectors and speculators will turn their attention to those all-important key issues. Here's a few to get you started.


Any Teen Titans collection begins and ends with the team's debut in 1964's Brave and the Bold #54. Of course, they weren't officially the Teen Titans just yet. This issue saw sidekicks Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash work together sans their superpowered mentors. The three would go on to become the staples of the team in most iterations, making this an excellent addition to any Titans set.


With so many DC firsts from the Golden and Silver Ages fetching hefty prices, Brave and the Bold #60 becomes much more appealing. Here you have the first use of the Teen Titans name, but there's a bonus as well: Wonder Girl. Donna Troy made her premiere in this very issue, and she could have DCU potential as the heir to the Wonder Woman moniker as we saw in DC Future State.


Think of this as the Giant-Size X-Men #1 of Titans lore. Just as GXM #1 introduced popular new characters and revamped the team, DC Comics Presents #26 breathed new life into the Teen Titans. This is by far the most popular TT key with the issue featuring the debuts of Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven. They would join Beast Boy along with classic members Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash. After the numerous TT shows, this is the most famous lineup in the team's history and the likely version we'll see in the DCU.

TEEN TITANS #1 (1966)

One of the more overlooked Titans keys is their premiere self-titled comic. After the team's BATB run, the sidekicks ventured into their own starring role in Teen Titans #1. Those first issues are highly collectible in today's market, especially when the first appearances are on the expensive side, making this an excellent pickup.


In the Titans' modern era, Damian Wayne is integral to the team. It just so happens he will be introduced to mainstream audiences via the new Batman film, The Brave and the Bold. That could very well serve as the launching pad for the DCU's Teen Titans. Of course, as much as fans love Damian, there's only one former Robin we all want to see in the movie: Nightwing.