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Star Wars: Invasion #3Star Wars Invasion #3 of 5
Dark Times Comics
Taylor, Wilson & Dzioba

In this issue of Invasion, Luke and his new apprentice, Finn, head to a planet packed with Vong to rescue some prisoners. While this is going on, Finn's sister and mother fight for their lives. The issue tells a good story and has some nice artwork. However, the issue presents its contents as if it's still building up to something larger. As a result, some of the urgency seems to get a little lost in the translation. It's a good story but it's not quite a great one.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe comic excels as it shows Luke in action. Luke as a full Jedi Master is just so much cooler than the Luke from the movies. He doesn't come off as a wise master but he sure knows how to be a badass when it's needed. The comic is also great when it presents the emotional roller coaster that Finn is on. He's just started his training and he is trying to get a handle on who he is and how he feels about everything. This comic really bolsters Luke and Finn very well.

The comic doesn't work as well with Finn's mother and sister as one is failing in health and the other begins to plan out the escape and counter attack on the Vong. The plot and construction work well but the characters just don't feel as established as Luke and Finn are and as a result, they feel very disposable. Perhaps that's intentional.

Another aspect that is difficult to wrap my head around is the desperation of the situation with the Vong. I understand they've invaded the galaxy and that they are invisible to the Force, but it's just not easy to understand their powers, weaknesses, motivations and intelligence and as a result they come across as villains out of an Alien movie. Perhaps there isn't much to tell about them but considering how many novels were written about this Invasion I'm sure there must some way to squeeze in some of that information into this comic.

The artwork is excellent. The lasting image is when Luke dives out of the ship as he clears a path with the Force so he can land safely. The art deals with the battles very well and presents a compelling story on all fronts. It may also be the art that reminded me of Alien when looking at the Vong as it captures them in a fantastic and menacing fashion.

The Invasion is in the middle issue and is building up to something bigger. I liked the usage of Luke and the growth of Finn in this issue. I'm sure we'll see more of Finn's family and the various ways that pockets of resistance build up against the Vong. I would think we'll also get more of the same high level of action as we've seen in all three issues already. This is a good comic and I look forward to the next issue.

3 out of 5 geek goggles