Dark Horse Comics has announced a mini-series prequel to Bill & Ted Face the Music titled BILL AND TED ARE DOOMED.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- 25 years ago, Bill and Ted, also known as the band Wyld Stallyns defeated the evil dictator De Nomolos, but now things aren't as excellent as they should be, and so our heroes must return. Luckily, writer Evan Dorkin and artist Roger Langridge are here to tell their story in the prequel to Bill & Ted Face the Music, the miniseries Bill & Ted Are Doomed arriving September, 2020. In addition to the outstanding creative team, Ed Solomon, co-writer and co-creator on Bill & Ted films helped bring this prequel to life.

There's tension in the band and worry at home. Bill and Ted's obsession with writing the one song to bring peace to the world is affecting both their playing and their relationships with their families. The band is losing fans and the future isn't shaping up as they were led to believe it would. Desperate for a solution, Bill and Ted burst in to announce their great idea to revive the band's fortunes: A world tour to spread the love – and the rock, and the love of the rock – to the world.

"My first full-time job in comics was adapting Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey in 1991. Now, in 2020, I'm writing a sequel -- that's also a prequel -- with the input and blessing of Ed Solomon, and the artwork of Roger Langridge, one of my all-time favorite cartoonists. It's been a total blast to work on, and I truly hope the fans have a most excellent time reading it."—Evan Dorkin

"I think Bill and Ted strike exactly the right tone for these times. Their good spirits and most excellent hearts are the tonic we all need. And it's an absolute, tick-one-off-the-bucket-list delight to be working with the incredible Evan Dorkin. I'm really proud of this comic."—Roger Langridge

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1 (of four) arrives September 9, 2020 and is available for pre-order now in your local comic shop.

Bill and Ted Are Doomed #1

Bill and Ted Are Doomed #1