After a red hot 2023, Spider-Man #7 has been ice cold for the past month, but at least Spider-Boy's first appearance had good company in this week's Coldest Comics.

What goes up inevitably must come down, and that is very true for your favorite comics. Like a mini stock market, the most popular key issues rise and fall on a daily basis as the secondary market reacts to the latest comic and movie news. As soon as fresh contender enters the fray, an old favorite gets bumped. It makes it important for collectors and investors to keep tabs on the eBay sales figures, and that's where GoCollect has your back.

Each week, we take a closer look at the secondary market's movers and shakers. This time around, it's time to delve into the issues that got the cold shoulder from buyers over the past 10, 30, and 90 days. Don't forget that these numbers are based strictly on sales volume with no bearing on fair market value, so a comic that ranks low on the Hottest Comics doesn't necessarily mean its gotten cheaper. Still, those keys on the way down could turn into long-term investment opportunities, like these comics.



The Beyonder nearly found his way into the forbidden section of Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Thanks to the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars, this comic has been in demand for some time now. However, there's so many issues en vogue at the moment that something had to fall to the wayside. Be that as it may, you do not want to sleep on Secret Wars #1.

With Deadpool & Wolverine on the horizon, collectors should keep their eyes on this issue. There's so much buzz surrounding the numerous rumored cameos in the movie that it's easy to overlook the film's massive importance to the MCU. While those cameos from all the different Fox superhero movies get the top billing, what should keep our attention is its clear ties to Secret Wars.

A prominent theory is that Deadpool will ultimately rescue various heroes and villains from doomed timelines, thus setting the stage for Secret Wars. If that is the case, then it's not out of the realm of possibility that Wade Wilson could encounter The Beyonder. That will immediately send Secret Wars #1 to the top of the eBay sales index.

73. SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 (-38)

Like Secret Wars #1, Spider-Man 2099 #1 was once the hottest comic on the secondary market. There's nothing that says it won't reach the summit once again, but for the time being, it's not a collecting priority.

What positioned it atop the market mountain was Into the Spider-Verse. Miguel O'Hara has long been a fan-favorite Spider variant. While so many other characters from the 2099 Universe are forgotten, Miguel has stood the test of time. Once Into the Spider-Verse teased his cinematic arrival, it put buyers on the trail for his first comic and first cover appearance. From there, he was the standout in a crowded field, impressing audiences in Across the Spider-Verse.

As we wait for Beyond the Spider-Verse to get its official release date, Spider-Man 2099 collectors are waiting for their moment. There's no question that Miguel will play a large part in that movie, and he could once again steal the show. The bigger picture is that a Spider-Man 2099 spinoff movie or series is a plausible option for Sony. For years, he's been rumored to get his own franchise in some fashion, and a strong outing from Beyond the Spider-Verse could be the platform Miguel needs to get that starring role. Obviously, that would catapult all of his keys back to the Hottest Comics' apex.



Overall, the biggest loser in this week's rankings is a comic that once dominated eBay.

Last spring, Spider-Boy's first appearance and first cover appearance was on fire. Fans loved Spidey's new sidekick, and speculators are always quick to pounce on a new character's introduction. For weeks, it stayed on top of eBay, leapfrogging the top-10 mainstays in the process. Even after the initial fervor died down, Spider-Man #7 remained high on the sales charts. Finally, it's lost its least for now.

Whenever the new kid on the comic block first arrives, it creates a stir in the market. In the collecting game, speculators and investors are hoping for that next Miles Morales, and there's no better time to invest than at the ground level. It shoots those issues up the index in short order. No matter how high it flies, the law of gravity eventually wins out, and now that Spider-Boy is old news, buyers are putting their investment dollars elsewhere.

What will change many tunes will be seeing Spider-Boy on either the big or small screen. There's a chance he will be part of Beyond the Spider-Verse, but he might be too new of an addition to make the cut. The more likely scenario will be seeing Spider-Boy in the upcoming Spider-Man animated series. In that event, we'll see a rocket strapped to Spider-Man #7 like it was 2023 all over again.

94. INCREDIBLE HULK #180 (-58)

Spider-Boy had competition for the biggest drop, and it is a rather surprising entry. With all the hoopla over Wolverine, you would expect all of his major keys to be in the top-50 Hottest Comics if not higher. While that is true for many of Wolvie comics, his first appearance took a mighty slide in the wrong direction.

Ever since Hugh Jackman confirmed his return to superhero cinema, those Wolverine keys have been on fire. Even Hulk #181, despite its high prices, manages to be stay in the Hottest Comics week after week. In fact, it ranked 33rd for the past month's sales. Meanwhile, Hulk #180, always the consolation prize in the first appearance category, languished in 94th, barely holding a spot in the Hottest Comics index.

Is this a reason to panic? Far from it.

It's hard to imagine Hulk #180, with Wolverine revealed in the comic's final panel, ever drawing the mega bids that go toward its big brother, but this is a perennial favorite among collectors. Setting aside the "cameo versus full" appearance debate, Hulk #180 is unquestionably Logan's comic debut. Had he been drawn on the cover art, this would easily be the key to own. On the bright side, it gives more collectors a chance to own a piece of Bronze Age history since the prices are starkly lower than Hulk #181. Those two factors are enough to make this a tantalizing addition for any Wolverine fan.

Deadpool & Wolverine is expected to be a massive hit for Marvel Studios, and that should light the fires under all of his early appearances. The enthusiasm for the new movie will boost those Hulk #180 sales and send this issue back to the promised land very soon.


98. WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 (-33)

For the past three months, buyers have seemingly lost interest in Moon Knight. By no means does that reflect on the character's overall popularity. Thanks to his Disney Plus show, he is more popular than ever. If that's the case, then why has his first appearance been kicked to the back of eBay's virtual line?

In the world of comic book collecting, it's all about the movie and television announcements. Certainly new comic book developments can spark interest in those all-important keys, but the film studios have significantly more influence. Although the MCU has taken a step back in terms of box office glory, it's still the single biggest factor in the secondary market, and there is a constant flow of news and gossip from Marvel Studios. That keeps buyers on their toes for the next big thing.

You could say the market itself has the attention span of a goldfish. Out with the old and in with the new is the motto of the day, and that's exactly how things work in regards to key issues. Where WBN #32 is an evergreen key that will always be a prime investment target, there's been little news on Moon Knight's MCU future. We know that he will return for more adventures, but there is no telling when that will be. The lack of news is precisely why MK's first appearance has fallen into the 98th position for the time being.