Havoc Brigade TPBMedia Release -- It's time to wreak HAVOC! Studio 407 is pleased to announce the release of their newest title, HAVOC BRIGADE, is a hit with the critics!

"Havoc Brigade is a pulse-pounding drama with a real sense of just how merciless our limited time on this planet can be," - iFanboy

"To see this sci-fi action romp [...] was a surprise, and a well-written one at that." - The Lottery Party

"...it's good to read a comic that leaves you thinking long after you've finished it." - Comic Bastards

"Stevens writes a very detailed, imaginative, compelling story that was easy to follow, while Bosco draws some fantastic action shots with dynamic perspectives." - Sequential Tart

"[Steven's] masterful writing in Havoc Brigade kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. Like some twisted love child between Iron Man and John Woo's Broken Arrow." - Fanboy Comics

HAVOC BRIGADE is a futuristic war thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seat with anticipation over what will happen next. Havoc Brigade is available for purchase immediately through Amazon or local bookstores, and can also be purchased digitally on ComiXology for iPad, iPhone, or other e-reader enabled device.