Zorro: The Complete Dell Pre-Code ComicsMedia Release -- Building on the critical success of Hermes Press’ complete reprint of Alex Toth's Zorro, Hermes is now issuing the first comic book incarnation of the masked, caped defender of old California, with a complete reprint of Dell’s Pre-Code Zorro. Before the Comics Code tried to take all the fun out of comic books, Zorro burst onto comic store racks all over the county, introducing many youngsters to this classic archetypal character.

Now for the first time in over sixty years read the original comic books that introduced Zorro to readers all over the world. Starting with Four Color #228, Dell Comics introduced Zorro with a book based on the original Johnston McCulley story. Featured in this deluxe full color reprint are all of Dell’s Pre-Code Zorro comics: issues 228, 425, 497, 538, 574, 617, and 732. These stories feature artwork by Everett Raymond Kinstler (497, 538, and 574), Bob Fujitani, Bob Correa and Alberto Giolitti. Collects seven complete issues.

Make sure you check it out, as Zorro has never looked this good!

Zorro: The Complete Dell Pre-Code Comics; ISBN 978-1-61345-066-6; Reprints Four Color issues #228, 425, 497, 538, 574, 617, and 732; features artwork by Everett Raymond Kinstler, Bob Fujitani, Bob Correa, and Alberto Giolitti; 256 pages; all color; special essay by noted author Max Allan Collins; 7.5 x 10 format; printed laminated cover with dustjacket; $60.