The Unbeatable Blue Baron, written by Darin Henry and drawn by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema, will remain unbeatable when THE BLUE BARON "EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN!" #1 arrives on October 27, 2021.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Following up the recent premier of The Heroes Union #1, which reunited legendary artists Roger Stern (The Avengers, Captain America) and Ron Frenz (Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man), Binge Books will release The Blue Baron "Everything Old Is New Again!" #1 on October 27, 2021, distributed by Diamond Comics.

Written by Emmy-nominated TV writer Darin Henry ("Seinfeld," "Futurama"), along with celebrated artists Ron Frenz (Spider-Man, Thor) and Sal Buscema (Captain America, The Defenders), this book features the first solo adventure of The Unbeatable Blue Baron after his explosive debut in The Heroes Union. Published in the unique Binge Book format, The Blue Baron "Everything Old Is New Again!" #1 is 68 pages in length and will be available for $4.99 at retail.

"Everything that makes The Heroes Union such a crowd-pleasing, family-friendly superhero epic is back in The Blue Baron and multiplied by a thousand," says Henry. "The body swap premise makes it a perfect jumping on point for readers of all ages because the reader and the main character are both learning the history and secrets of The Blue Baron simultaneously."

This release marks The Blue Baron's Diamond Comics debut, offering readers around the world the chance to dive deeper into their new favorite superhero universe. The Blue Baron "Everything Old Is New Again!" #1 is a body swap comedy with super-powers that shows what happens when a 300-year-old hero switches bodies with a 13-year-old zero. For more than two centuries, The Blue Baron has conquered alien invaders, maniacal mutants, and super-powered psychopaths, but now he has to take on his trickiest mission to date...the 8th grade.

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The Blue Baron "Everything Old Is New Again!" #1
Written by Darin Henry, Art by Ron Frenz (p), Sal Buscema (i)
Distributed by Diamond Comics|Order Code: AUG211609
On Sale 10/27/2021
68 Pages|All Ages|$4.99

Exploding from the pages of The Heroes Union, Binge Books proudly presents the sensational solo adventures of The Unbeatable Blue Baron! Since 1776, The Blue Baron has battled alien invaders, super-powered psychopaths and megalomaniacal mutants, but his greatest challenge awaits him inside this groundbreaking, extra-length, standalone epic from Darin Henry, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema and featuring a jaw-dropping jumping on point over 200 years in the making!

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