Spawn #1 has breached some serious numbers in grade 9.9 and even the plain old 9.8s are banking pretty solid prices currently. After all, go back just four years ago, and this book was in the $.50 bins. This is seemingly a Millenial favorite. What does the last year show us quantitatively on this, the very first appearance of Spawn? Spawn #1 has been hot for the last 365 days. That is not just in the Copper Age, but in all ages of comic books for the last year. Hot books come and go with each passing day, week, month, and business quarter. They actually tell us very little about the big picture. Something might fall in and out of favor based on news, or the hint of a new toy, or the hiring of an actor by some studio exec. But if you stretch that timespan out say, a year, well, then you get a little more consistency and transparent results that may have meaning.

Spawn #1

The first appearance of Spawn.  This comic book has four more first appearances: Blake, Sam, Wanda, and Twitch. That this book is a multi-key does not play into the price, yet. But why is this so popular over the last year? Well, there is talk and some confirmation that the lead will be played by Jamie Foxx. I suppose if you are going to have someone play a baddie it makes sense; he did a good job as Electro.

We have determined that this book has a catalyst for increasing value due to potential movies in the future. Of course, it is fair to argue that McFarlane has been working on another Spawn movie for quite some time. But speculators are gathering like the hordes of Hell.

Partially seen against a dark black background is a green eyed masked face, wearing a red collar and capeThe First Spawn?

In 1997, they did a fair interpretation of Spawn for moviegoers. They had a solid leading man, and one of the best supporting casts ever to appear in a superhero film. The critics hated the film. However, it made money.  Shockingly, this pre-Iron Man 2008 superhero movie made 87 million dollars and was very profitable.

If you are younger and have only known the Marvel and DC megahits, Spawn 1997 is a good example of how superhero movies were fairly cheesy and frowned upon back in the 20th Century.

Print Your Custom Newspaper | PRINTNEWSPAPEROverprinting and Return Numbers

The numbers for this comic book are encouraging in their audacity. After all, there are so many copies of this book in existence. In fact, the 1990s were mostly all overprinted and ended up bankrupting quite a few comic book specialty stores of the time. For the speculators, it was a blood bath. Many were clobbered in the 1990s. It was not uncommon for entire collections to be abandoned in storage units and put up for auction for pennies on the dollar. This was in a time when storage units were not as well known as now. So, how does this overprinted popular character's comic book key stand up over the last year?

Comic Grade Price Current Trend Return 1-year
Spawn # 1 9.9 $5,040 -37%
9.8 $195 +22%
$81 +1.2%

Todd McFarlane's 'Spawn' Movie Gets New Writer – The Hollywood ReporterConclusion

The numbers show only one grade truly reaching a big value and that is grade 9.9 (hard to obtain). This grade has even breached the $10,000 mark, briefly. Since then, it has settled at around $5,040 over the last year. Did this huge upswing leapfrog Spawn #1 over the competition, making it the top hot comic for 2021-22? Possibly. However, for new comic book collectors, the near-mint to mint grade and above seem to have small but consistent returns.

This might be a good book to learn about collecting comics, with only minor risk. With the quantitative risk very small, the barrier to entry is only $30 for a raw copy. At that point, pray to Malebolgia that your comic gets a 9.9 grade at CGC!

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