One of the most powerful forces in all of Marvel Comics is set to make his live-action debut in Thor: Love and Thunder when Zeus joins the MCU. Here are some Zeus keys worth watching for.

Once Russell Crowe arrives as Zeus in Love and Thunder, he will set the stage for a new wave of Marvel gods-turned-superheroes. At this point, we’ve seen plenty of the Norse pantheon. With Odin gone and Asgard destroyed (although I’ve heard somewhere that Asgard isn’t a place; it’s a people), the MCU needs a new king of mythical gods and goddesses. Allow me to introduce Marvel’s Zeus.

Zeus Keys


The first time Zeus was mentioned in a Marvel comic was in 1940. Of course, this would have been under the Timely Comics banner, Marvel Comics’ predecessor.

Previously, the Roman god Jupiter had appeared in a previous issue, but Daring Mystery Comics #6 was the first time he was called Zeus.

As Timely transitioned into Marvel and Zeus came into the fold, this would basically be the same character going forward.


The attention grabber of Zeus’ key issues begins and ends with Journey into Mystery Annual #1.

However, it’s not famous for the first Silver Age appearance of the King of the Olympians.

Rather, this issue marked the debut of Zeus’ legendary demi-god son, Hercules, which is actually his Roman name; the Ancient Greeks knew him as Heracles.

He threw down with Thor under their fathers’ watchful eyes in JIM Annual #1.


In the grand scheme, Zeus has been overshadowed by Odin for decades.

While the Greco-Roman thunder god has been featured in a number of Hercules adventures over the years, he’s never reached the same level of fame as enjoyed by Odin.

With the Norse All Father out of the MCU picture, it could be time for a change. 

The thing about Zeus is that he’s been known to brawl, and his most memorable fight was against the strongest there is, the Hulk. In the pages of Incredible Hulks #622, the Green Goliath challenged the Olympians, an idea he would soon regret.

Zeus unleashed his fury on Hulk and had him coughing up green blood after a few punches. 


After the goddess, Nyx, killed Zeus and the other Olympians in the course of No Road Home, Zeus enacted his version of the All Father’s Odin Sleep. When Zeus awoke, he was reborn with even more power than before.

This form has been dubbed Cosmic Zeus, and it is the strongest version of the Greek Sky God ever seen in Marvel Comics. It would lead to him confronting a new Guardians of the Galaxy lineup in GOTG #1.


To this point, the Asgardians have reigned supreme over the MCU, but Zeus should be the first of many Olympians added to the mix. It could make room for a Hercules movie or two with other Greek gods and goddesses joining the fun along the way.

If Marvel Studios follows the comics, Zeus will quickly rank among the most powerful forces in all the MCU.

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